Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Real Life Horror Story


TWO Pit bull terriers brutally ripped off the head of another dog at a house in Khomasdal,

Windhoek, on Monday.

The owner of the dog that was killed, Brian Scott, rushed to the scene when he received a call from the neighbours, but could not contain the raging Pit bull terriers. Scott says when he got to the scene, the two Pit bull terriers were covered in blood, and busy pulling his dog through the fence.

Some residents apparently tried to stop the dogs by throwing stones at them, but this did not help.

According to Scott, this was not the first time that the two Pit bull terriers inflicted such harm on his dogs. “They bit my other dog's ear off some time ago, and also killed another dog that they got hold of,” he stated.

The owner of the Pit bulls, who preferred to remain anonymous, said this was the first time that her dogs were involved in such a fight.

“Our dogs always bark at each other, but my dogs are the most loving dogs ever,” she said, admitting that she was fined N$500 by the Windhoek City Police for having negligently allowed her dogs to leave the premises in this instance.

Sylvia Breitenstein from the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA) urged the public to be responsible dog owners, and to make an effort to learn to read their dogs' behaviour.

Breitenstein said she doesn't believe that any dog is bad, but rather that large dog breeds can be dangerous.   Yeah, right.


Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Ye Olde Tattoo Parlor

They call dogs man’s best friend for a reason. For 16 years, Mike Toma and his dog Puppy were constantly by each other’s side.

“I never went anywhere without him. He was my best friend,” said Mike.

Last July, Puppy passed away, and it impacted Mike like he could never imagine.

“I’m a 34-year-old tattoo guy from Detroit, and this has just been the most horrible experience for me.”

Mike got Puppy as a puppy from a reputable breeder. And for the next 15+ years, they were inseparable. They did everything from camping trips to parties… even time at work.

Last year, Mike and Puppy started a campaign to overturn a longstanding pit bull ban in Hazel Park, Michigan. It was a ban that Mike said he was unaware of when he got his beloved dog. They managed to get the ban overturned, but it didn’t go into effect until a few months after Puppy died.

In April, Mike decided to honor Puppy by keeping him by his side forever. More accurately, close to his heart. He called on a childhood friend, tattoo artist Christopher Kime, to create an anatomically-correct human heart tattoo, mixing Puppy’s ashes with the ink. Inside the heart is Puppy’s paw print.

It’s not the first time Mike has used this idea to honor someone close to him. He did the same thing when his younger brother passed away in his sleep five years ago.

“We had used his ashes in that tattoo and that’s where I got the idea to do it for Puppy,” says Mike. “Since both Puppy and my brother meant so much to me I thought that it was fitting.”

While Mike is still grieving over his loss, he finds comfort in another canine companion — one of Puppy’s offsprings (he's such a responsible owner!) , named Diesel, who was born a few years ago. He also adopted Gemma in December, saving her from the euthanasia list at a Detroit animal shelter.

Mike loves his two Pit Bulls, but says there are no more dog tattoos in his future.

“Don’t be sorry for me. Be happy for me that I got 16 years of nothing but pure joy and love out of it,” Mike says. “He lived a very very good life. He was spoiled rotten and he deserved every bit of it.”

Friday, June 3, 2016

Ask Madame Cesarina!


In the heart of the Pit Nutter Circus, you can consult the great Pit Bull oracle, the Great Madame Cesarina, whose actions are louder than whispers.  However, not too many people are willing to speak out of the snake oil and slight of hand that is passing off as "science" to the once respectable publication and now media platform.    Since the pit bull has become mainstreamed as a pet, thanks greatly to the Whispering Dog Oracle, there is a  great need for experts to help fur mommies who were inspired by such programs as the "Dog Whisperer" on National Geographic to get their own dogs bred for bloodsport in the first place!    Now people can actually experience the thrill of those gripping "Wild Kingdom"  prey and predator scenarios as  was once captured solely   in the stunning photography or videography for themselves, AND they can spread the thrill to their family and entire neighborhoods.  Are we all benefiting from this education?  Have you been educated yet?

Have a problem with Pibble, ask MADAME CESARINA!

Completly Normal. TSCHHHHHHHH!


Be a Pack Leader!

It's all how you raise 'em.


These problems are all the result of your inspiration, Madame Cesarina.  Tschhhhhh isn't working.

Petitions to remove Cesar Millan from National Geographic

Inhumane Methods

Abuse of Pig

Sunday, May 29, 2016

Editorial Cartoon

This little gem dates from 1987.  We haven't yet found anything like this that has a Rottweiler, Doberman, or German Shepherd depicted.  If you do find something, please share it!

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Rocket Man

We all have heard it mentioned over and over again, that pit bulls have locking jaws.  This isn't true.  Even mentions this, so why pit bull advocates will continue to bring up this now moot point is vexing.  Well, they are not rocket scientists after all, and they can't get go of even mutually agreed upon points.   What actually locks in a pit bull type dog, is its brain.  It has terrier will and  bulldog steel trap jaws, and it holds on and shakes its head, tearing flesh and breaking bones because that is how it was designed.   Once pitty latches on, it doesn't desire to let go.  It doesn't let go even when their loving owner screams "let go", over and over again.   The video is a good example.

Remember, It's all how you raise 'em.  

Had this been the dog any other Joe Schmo, there would have been a hefty  $10,000 fine and likely jail time for killing a protected  marine animal.   
However, because this beast belongs to the daughter of Rocket Scientist  Nasa astronaut Mark Kelly, husband of former Senator Gabrielle Giffords (Dem.) , there were no charges filed.  The leash gave way, it's one of those sad unfortunate accidents that happen, somehow.  One wonders what would have happened had it been a child instead of a baby sea lion.  Ironically, he and his wife are in the forefront of regulating fire arms.  A Gun would have come in handy here.  Weapons Grade dogs? Not a peep about them.

Astro Dine and Dash. 

Sunday, April 17, 2016

Nutter Meme Makeover!

Who doesn't  enjoy transformations and makeovers!  Now let's make over some of the most oft shared pit bull propaganda memes.  It was felt that the "before" pic was not needed, because the following six memes have been around quite some time now, and it's time they received a dose of TRUTH. 

  The coconut meme still persists despite many scholarly derailments.  You would think that nutters would THINK....when's the last time you even saw a coconut tree in your neighborhood? 

The crazy coconut meme inspired a poem. 

This is the favorite shared by the college educated vegan rescue angel.  What the dear well meaning darlings do not seem to understand, it would really help  pit bulls if we could regulate who could own them. 

 Mr. President put out his finger in the wind one day when Cesar Milan showed up at his door step.  I think a crowd of victims need to do the same.

I suspect there are a good many people who don't even know what BSL is, and it would be fair to explain why there is a pit bull pissing on the letters BSL...

This is such a classy advocacy!

Political correctness works, this is why pit bull advocates grip and hold, and don't let go. 

I've seen this one shared in the news media, on the Huffington Post and even on the wall of my local shelter, it looks so scientific.  The original doesn't explain what the American Temperament Society is testing for.  Pit bull advocates can also not make the claim "it's all how you raise em", if they are going to share this erroneous information, because it contains a list of popular breeds that collectively score lower on this test for Schutzhund prospects than do pit bulls (which do not exist and no one can tell what one looks like), but collectively and all added up together for the last twenty years, kill and maim less.   Yeah, these other breeds score lower on the American Temperament Society Test because weirdos and guns scare them, but isn't it all how you raise 'em?  

If you have ideas for nutter meme make overs, let us know.  We adore sprucing things up with truth and explanations!

Saturday, February 27, 2016

The Nutter Down Under

It's time to regulate who can own these poor misunderstood fighting dogs.

Thursday, February 11, 2016

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Color Me Pibble


We at Pit Nutter Circus are winded keeping up with the latest trends in the  Pit Bull Advocacy.  If there is something in full flame at any moment....the hottest meme, any political situation that can be adapted for the purpose of promoting maulers as family pets, you have better believe that the politically and business savvy  pit bull advocates are on it!    Sure enough, hot off the press, a pit bull coloring book for adults.   Perhaps someone will send one to Miley Cyrus, so she won't doodle on her pibble. 

We too, are inspired to follow suit with our own offering, which is downloadable, and free.  In most cases, one red crayon will suffice to embellish these illustrations.

The Official Real Pitty Coloring Book

Imagine this sweet Nanny Dog decked out with
Cherry Pink and Apple Blossom White regalia.
Those lucky enough to survive Pibble may not remember their fun trip in a life flight helicopter.
Pit Bull Memories, the ear was saved!
Last encounter with a Pibble.

Consolations to those who can no longer enjoy coloring books.

Sunday, January 24, 2016

Revenge of the Stick Figures

A facebook time waster spoofing stick figures and good old fashioned Dick and Jane Primary Reader prose went viral, and it was no time until the pit bull advocates created their own little meme to share. 

Of course,  Spike doesn't support B.S.L., he doesn't even think about it one way or another.  He's a dog in this sense.  B.S.L. isn't about the way he looks, it's about the proclivity towards bloody mayhem.   It recalls this old stick figure bumper sticker....

We at the circus wish that pit bull advocates and owners could figure it out.   In the meantime, we've come up with our own spoofs of the spoof, heavy on the hints.   All three are based on true stories,  that have happened countless times. 

Thursday, January 7, 2016

Strange News of the Day!

The Detroit Animal Control shelter, the Detroit Dog Rescue stumbled onto something rarely seen: a hermaphrodite dog,
reports CBS Detroit.
Cody, a smoky gray pit bull mix with soulful eyes, has both male and female genitalia.
"You can actually see the vulva and the formation of what are really small testicles," said Kristina Rinaldi, executive director of the DDR, to CBS Denver.
Cody will be both spayed and neutered by a reproductive specialist at Michigan State University.   And just how much will that cost,we ponder here at the circus.

"It is very, very rare," Rinaldi said. "I haven't seen it in my rescue career."

Rinaldi was unaware of any statistics on the occurrence of hermaphrodite dogs, but the condition is extraordinarily rare in dogs, especially a cross bred dog. Treatment is usually neutering, to avoid complications like prostate cancer, reports CBS Detroit.
Cody is ailing from distemper and malnutrition.

"Very sweet, very loving, just extremely underweight and showing signs of distemper," Rinaldi said about Cody.

It's unknown where Detroit Animal Control collected Cody or if anyone was previously aware of his or her condition, reports CBS Detroit. DDR wants to get Cody healthy, have the neutering procedures, and find her or him a forever home.  We don't think the dog cares if you refer to it as a him or a her, but if you want to not hurt the feelings of transgender people, you may want to consult them so that you will use the proper pronoun which they prefer to be addressed.  It's hard to keep up with all of the politically correct lingo, but the pit bull advocacy should be leaders in this realm.

They're also considering turning Cody into a kind of therapy dog for transgender young people. 

"We also may want to use Cody to talk to teens who maybe are going through the same things, we want to reach out to Affirmations in Ferndale and maybe we can use Cody as an example that there's nothing wrong with you, it's not strange, it happens to the best animals and the best people ... Maybe Cody can help some other people deal with some feelings they may be dealing with," Rinaldi said.

Yes, what transgender people want to hear is that they should be spayed and neutered and turned into some kind of asexual eunuch.  Good luck with this message.