Monday, February 20, 2017

Look at ME! Look at ME!

Courtney Stodden made dog walking into something a whole lot saucier as she took on New York's 55 degree weather in less than appropriate clothing.
The 22-year-old seemed to have forgotten her top as she trotted around Central Park with a borrowed pooch on Monday.

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Clearance Sale! Get Your Bleeding Hearts Beauties Boobies and Bum Bums for Bullies Calendar While Supplies Last!

Here at Pit Nutter Circus, we have collected and commented on the special sexualized advocacy used to raise awareness and funds for pit bulls for quite some time now.  

With all of their efforts, the REASON for the advocacy is swept under the rug.  This is highly offensive to victims of pit bull attacks.   Imagine a calendar to help the image of serial killers using sexy tattooed cream puffs?   How about a calendar to help the image of radical Islamic Jihadists, using flower wreaths or tutus?

What follows is inspired by a recent artistic effort of Jewish artist Shahak Shapira, who created a project entitled Yolocaust.  He inserted photoshopped  horrific images of the Holocaust behind  lighthearted "selfies" taken in what should have been somber Holocaust memorials.  

Ironically, many pit bull advocates compare BSL to the Holocaust, but it's a very offensive and ridiculous comparison.  Recently, pit bull advocates Terry Holt and Karen Batchelor dared to make the comparison sharing a post on several of their facebook pages , and there were some pit bull advocates who were disgusted, as they should be.  There is an example below, no screenshots, it's just too tedious and so pervasive to warrant  documentation.    It's obvious too, they are not aware that Hitler had a pit bull.    

FB commentor: While I am appalled by the mass killing of dogs (no matter what breed) it's totally inappropriate to compare that to the atrocities committed by the Nazis. No explanation should be needed to realize that.

When advocates try to repair the image of pit bulls use pajamas, tutus, flower wreathes, kissing booths, or cheeky burlesque photo shoots, they are lightheartedly deflecting everyone from the horrific reality, and cause of the controversy over these dogs.  
If they could think on how to reduce the incidents, then they wouldn't need all of the advocacy.  It's going to be a non-ending effort, because the more these poor dogs bred for blood sport are promoted as pets, the more victims of them there will be, and more tattooed cup cakes will pose for photo shoots and pit bulls will wear "charming costumes". 

What follows should offend.  Some of the images are graphic.  Please do not continue if you are very sensitive to the reality of why pit bulls have the reputation they do.  They don't care, but they are also victims too.  This kind of fluffy, sexy, advocacy ends up harming them as well. 

Pin Ups for Pit Bulls