Saturday, April 19, 2014

Saturday, April 5, 2014

And NOW....A Word from our Sponsers!

 Pit Bulls have been very busy in our still somewhat  new year of 2014.  Just a few years ago, their rate of fatal killings was roughly two a month, but this year, there has been a pit bull related fatality every five days! 

Of course, there are industries who benefit from pit bull mayhem, with increased sales of their products and services.

Today, the PIT NUTTER CIRCUS is brought to you by the manufacturers of BARRICADE TAPE and other crime scene products. Those shining bright yellow ribbons of save us from witnessing bloodied sidewalks, body bags, and maybe viewing a dead pit bull or two stilled by a bullet or two or three or five.  It saves us from nightmares and a plead to our doctor for a prescription of Xanex.

When accompanied by a swarm buzzing with looky-loo curiosity, the flashing red and blue sirens of police cars, fire trucks and the ambulance, and the determined hustle and bustle of the emergency team, the neighborhood becomes like one of those environmental art installations by Christo and Jean-Claude.  Unfortunately, for some people, it's a far cry from a "temporary art installation".  Dare it be suggested, it turns the quiet neighborhood, into a PIT NUTTER CIRCUS. 

Did you know, that it costs $14.50 a roll for that bright yellow DO NOT CROSS tape?  Of course, larger cities with a real pit bull blight should purchase it by the case load, it's only $80.00.   Detroit should have a few cases donated from Animal Farm. The states of Texas, Arizona and California could use your help.  Perhaps someone can write a letter, or start one of those Causes pages,  times are hard and those pit bulls are very, very busy.