Saturday, July 14, 2018

Cherry Pink and Apple Blossom White II

Graphic photographs
Do not proceed if you are sensitive!

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There seems to be a never ending tug of war of the kind of reporting done by the media on the subject of pit bulls.   Notice that after a pit bull related fatality, some news outlet such as the Huffington Post will publish some photo essay of pit bulls donning tutus, pajamas, or wreaths of flowers, often accompanied by some rescue group's effort to clear the cages at the shelter and lure the well meaning to go out today and adopt a pibble.     Perhaps it's the pink stains that result on the once snow white bibs that many of the maulers seem to wear, that inspire a "journalist" to put on their rose colored glasses.  Here is yet another collection of pit bulls post maul "Cherry Blossom and Apple White" portraits....Pittys painted with blood. 

How many of you find that offensive?  Well, We find pittys propped with children offensive.  We find Kissing Booths offensive.  We find pittys in tutus offensive.  We find lying about what pit bulls are and do offensive.  We find telling victims to essentially GET OVER IT, HERE'S A CUTE PIBBLE WITH A TUTU ON  OFFENSIVE!

 As an antithesis to all of the puff pieces, here is a collection of photos, capturing a pit bull, in a moment of time.  The victims of these dogs, will continue to endure many more moments of their own, likely a case of PTSD as they heal,  that is, if they survived the effort of the pit bull to "lick them to death".  A snapshot of a moment of time may be worthless to prove anything, but which one has more weight....cute photos with a pit bull wearing pajamas while propping up a juicy little baby human, or one of these? 

An animal control worker wrangles a pit bull wearing the blood of a nine year old girl. "Her face was pretty much ripped open," Pino said. "And her scalp as well, and she was bleeding profusely."


A cute American Pibblely Poo Bulldog was inspired somehow to enact on his D.N.A. 

Did you know that pit bull advocates suggest that they are the only dog that was purposely bred for "non-human" aggression?  This pit bull killed a human.

This one from Bahia, Brazil.


      It is likely that Pit bulls in Indonesia kill more children than coconuts do. 

We are asking for information about the following photos.   This post was made at the request of several BSL advocates to keep records of photos of pit bulls captured post maul.   We are finding it to be an overwhelming task to keep up. 


Bloody scene compared to the Manson Murders  created by Rocky, beloved family pet of four years, in
TAYLOR MILL, KY, July 13th, 2018.

Saturday, September 23, 2017

Guggenheim Chinese Art Film Exhibit Offends

The Guggenheim Museum in New York City is facing backlash from critics and animal rights activists over an exhibit featuring a video of dogs trying to fight.

In the 7-minute video titled, “Dogs That Cannot Touch Each Other,” eight American pit bulls are seen trying to attack each other while on a non-motorized treadmill, but they never actually make contact, the New York Times reported.
The Guggenheim announced Thursday that the artwork will remain, despite pleas from activist groups that the video's content amounts to animal cruelty.
“We recognize that the work may be upsetting,” the Guggenheim said in a statement on its website. “The curators of the exhibition hope that viewers will consider why the artists produced it and what they may be saying about the social conditions of globalization and the complex nature of the world we share.”
The video is from a 2003 staged piece from a Beijing museum, and “contrary to some reports, no fighting occurred in the original performance,” the statement says.
“Dogs That Cannot Touch Each Other” is just one of more than 150 experimental and conceptual works to be featured in an upcoming exhibit called, “Art and China After 1989,” that begins Oct. 6, the Times reported.
Sun Yuan and Peng Yu, the video's creators, are known for obscure and somewhat disturbing pieces of art. They defended "Dogs" in an interview last year.

“Where is the soft spot in all of this?” Ms. Peng said. “Were the dogs being abused? The answer should be no. These dogs are naturally pugnacious.”
Peng argued the artwork shares a similar message as the Beijing Olympic Games in 2008, and the purpose of the sporting event “is the conversion of actual fighting into regulated competition.”
“In fact, human nature and animal nature are the same,” she   added.

Link to original article

Here is the link to the art film.

Update, Guggenheim pulls exhibit.

Monday, May 15, 2017

Pit Nutter Ice Cream Parlor

Crazy News of the Day

Don't get between a woman and ice cream.  She may use a hammer and a pit bull to get some Rocky-Road.
An unhinged woman used a hammer to smash up and rob an Oklahoma City fast-food joint Sunday — as her pit bull kept watch outside, according to a report.
The suspect, identified as Clara Aguirre, 26, walked into a Braum’s ice-cream parlor wearing a Batman t-shirt around 10 a.m., NBC-affiliate KFOR-TV reported.
She first took the hammer to the cash register, police said.
“She ended up smashing the screen, the credit-card holder, and then tried to run away with the cash register before she was able to break it open,” said Lt. Jeff Spruill of the Oklahoma City Police Department.
A restaurant employee tried blocking Aguirre’s path with a trash can before she “lunged at the drive-thru window to yell at the customers and ended up breaking out the window of the drive-thru with the hammer,” said Spruill.
With a fistful of cash in hand, Aguirre and her pit-bull made a run for it, jumping over fences outside.
“She was actually pushing the dog over the fence and then jumping over the fence behind the dog,” Spruill said, according to the news outlet.
As police caught up to the pair, the woman’s dog starting running with the officers mid-chase “thinking that this was a very fun game,” said Spruill.
Cops eventually arrested Aguirre on charges of robbery with a dangerous weapon.

This news story jogged our memory.  
Take a trip to the Pit Nutter Ice Cream Parlor......

It's Cesar's Way to ensure that all across the fruited plain, pit bulls will be licking their maws with the tasty flavors of our pets....there's Hurrah for Chihuahua, Yummy Yorkshire, Chow Chow Chow, and of course, one of their favorite treats,  flavor of the day, Kiddy Custard .  Once in a while, it's Senior Citizen Crunch.  There's a special tribute flavor called "Pitty went Postal", all of the letter carriers will be sure to enjoy!  This puts a whole new spin on the "I scream for ice cream" doesn't it?

A true story of ice cream and screams. Sorry Logan.

Thursday, March 2, 2017

Soap Box

Blogger may have to go into hiding for this rather strong rhetoric! 

Pit Bulls Should be Boiled Alive like Lobsters and Fed to Their Idiot Owners

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The comments are bound to be over the top. 
 I suggest that you pop some popcorn.