Thursday, December 31, 2015

The Growing List Against B.S.L.

College educated vegan rescue princesses are not the only ones who oppose B.S.L. 

Dogfighters also oppose B.S.L. as does Miley Cyrus

Just so you know, the Skinheads
are also showing their support in opposing B.S.L.

The pit bull advocacy calls this "winning".

There are also cases of skin-heads using pit bulls as weapons in hate crimes. 

According to the Anti-Defamation League, the image of the pit bull has been adopted as a symbol by Neo-Nazis.

"The pit bull has long been used as a skinhead symbol, presumably because of its reputation as a "fighting" dog. Many racist skinheads and other white supremacists own or even raise pit bulls. White supremacists use one specific pit bull graphic so often that it has become a white supremacist symbol itself. One racist skinhead group, the Keystone State Skinheads (at one time known as Keystone United) even adopted it as part of their logo." 

Isn't that ironic that the Anti-Defamation League writes, presumably because of its reputation as a "fighting dog"?  The pit bull advocates need to get on the ADL's case about perpetuating the horrible image of these dogs, how dare they defame the name!  How dare they suggest that they link ownership to this group, what will become of the "Majority" project!

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

The Wrecking Ball

The year ends with a BANG for the pit bull advocacy.
  Look who speaks up for the poor maligned pibbles....

The famous twerk tweeted that those poor pit bulls are killed because people are "racist".  I think that argument shows she is just a silly twerk jerk.  She may be actually insane.  She's in luck, because some one behind a FAKE EMOTIONAL SUPPORT SCAM tweeted back a FREEBEE (it would cost us mere mortals a little cash) so she can be declared unofficially nuts so she too can take her dogs, including her pit bull with her everywhere she goes.    Take a look...what would you check...fear of flying (Not YOU!), anxiety (PULEEEZE!), how about....PERSONALITY DISORDERS!  Kid, you are the poster child for that! 
Poor dog, indeed.

Pit bulls and Miley go together like Peas and Carrots, we couldn't think of a type of dog more worthy of her endorsement and support.  Good luck Pibbles.  We are rooting to regulate you so you don't have to deal so much with the clowns, but alas...

More ways the world is being wrecked by Miley and Pibbles.


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Sorry Miley,  it's over population not "Haters", 
or due to "doggie racism". 
The anti-BSL crowd fights against those
                               mandatory spay and neuter policies.

Dear Miley, should you happen to have an unfortunate event with your gripper, we will be here for you.  Cover your ass, just in case. 

Love, the "Haters"

Saturday, October 24, 2015

Silver Scream Dopplegangers

Pit Nutter Circus has rounded up a number of pibbles who are Dead Ringers (pun intended!) for the most fearsome monsters to haunt the silver screen. 

How we all wish that pit bulls were make-believe monsters, but alas, we know them to be real.  Very real. 

How are pit bulls like vampires? Let us COUNT the ways!

1. Both have Beady eyes and fangs, and wear a fancy necklace of some kind.
2.  Both enjoy dining on the life essence of the living.
3.  Both can be stopped with silver bullets.
4.  Both are enclosed in shrouds, the vampire a physical death shroud, the pit bull, a shroud of mythology.
5.  Both have a magnetic yet morbid and sexual appeal to a certain type of dysfunctional woman. 

6. They both come with their own kind of wooden steak designed to dislodge them from blood letting.

There is almost mythical warning akin to that we find in the story of Pandora's Box in this 1984 movie, about the responsibility that comes with keeping a creature that can be so destructive and dangerous for a companion.  Gremlins are cute and furry little creatures that look like Shih tzus, but don't feed them after midnight, and don't let them get wet.  Pit bull puppies, well, they just grow up. 

Hannibal would likely think pit bulls to be in too poor taste to relish the comparison. It's not hard to think of what he would think of the people who actually keep the official mascot of white trash for a pet and pillow for their spawn.  Or, perhaps he would find the whole concept morbidly delightful.   Here is a little poem in the honor of the's a dog eat dog world out there. 

The shape shifting demon Gozer assumed the form of the Marshmallow in the film Ghostbusters (1984).  As we can observe, there is a real kind of shape shifting in the world of animal husbandry, it's rather demonic to say the least.

If only every pibble came with a hockey mask, they wouldn't be so scary.  

This killer doll came to life in the classic made for T.V. movie Trillogy of Terror (1975) , when his chain came off.  We find that often, pibble really comes into his own when his chain falls off.  Perhaps like the doll, there is the spirit of an indwelling hunter, and anything in his way becomes his prey.  Perhaps there is wisdom of keeping really big chains on these dogs after all.

If we could only send pit bulls and their enthusiasts to another planet.  Someday.

A pit bull that will not give up after a few warning spikes from Mr. Porcupine is a beast to be feared. This dog is more frightening than Cujo, and not nearly as cute.

Great White Sharks kill and maim less people than do Land Sharks. 

If looks could kill...

Coming soon to a bookstore or library near you, INDOCTRINATION of the pit bull agenda for children.  You will need to tell your children that monsters do exist after all.  

Coming to your neighborhood soon, more nightmares.

It's not really a joke.

Clowns and pit bulls scare the bejeezers out of me.

It seems that the Beast never quite made his transformation into a handsome prince.

 Did you lose your pit bull?  There's horror in the streets. 

Follow the screams.

Many wishes that you have a safe Halloween,
And that Pit bulls stay out of your dreams.

Thursday, September 3, 2015

Pit Bulls are in the Funny Papers Again!

  As The Huffington Post prepares their week long parade of pro-pit bull propaganda puff pieces, a writer from the Canadian newspaper, The Provence, dares to shed some light on some dangerous and bloody myths. 

Friday, August 21, 2015

Pitty goes to Bollywood

 Listen and watch the video!

It is said that music is an international language.   There are also archetypes that transcend the barriers of culture,  language, and time.   This kind of communication can be found in even the most low budget and campy of films.   Lo and behold, around the 2:15 minute mark in this delightfully toe tapping colorful Bollywood Extravaganza (Adavi Donga, 1985), we find a brief cameo of our favorite universal villain, accompanied with the leitmotiv used straight out of the silent film era, a tremolo fully diminished chord fermata, briefly interrupting the happy-go-lucky bouncy tempo. 

  Thank goodness, as far as we can tell, not being able to understand fully the Telugu dialect from India, all seems to end well.  It does however, cast a continued doubt on the claim of the tired mantra used by pit bull advocates: "in the 70's it was the German Shepherd, in the 80's it was the Doberman, in the 90's it was the Rottweiler". The choice of the dog cast into the role of the villain suggests that in  India circa 1985, the dog with the "bad rap" was some kind of ugly dumptruck gripper that looks neither like a German Shepherd nor a Doberman.  

Saturday, August 15, 2015

Monday, August 10, 2015

We Simply Must Save them ALL!

Pit bull advocates claim there is a media bias when it comes to news reports about pit bulls.  They also claim that the media incorrectly identifies pit bulls, especially in the serious and fatal maulings of animals and people, which they do frequently. 

Another type of media report that happens daily is when  someone's sweet pibbly wibbly got shot by law enforcement. Is this just continuing the trend of the media's role in "fear mongering"?  Or, does it suggest that there is some other agenda, casting the police as trigger happy,  creating more outrage toward those hired to protect the safety of the public?  Or, are  they making gestures toward reparations of the image that according to pit bull advocates, they have created,  unwittingly inspiring more outrage towards the police and another wounded or dead pit bull martyr?   

It seems these days, after one report of pit bulls being pit bulls or some cop goes bang bang on a pit bull running amok, there seems to be two of the third kind of media report about pit bulls.  Maybe a smattering of two, three, five.  Perhaps there is a nutter on staff who will provide the "balance", and will crank out one of these kind of stories designed to tug at the heart strings of all, even those of the "hater" types.

This kind of media report that seems to feature some poor abused pit bull, which of course do not exist and no one can correctly identify. 

At twenty pounds and with no face, can we tell this is a pit bull? 

"Let's save the 20 pound  two year old  emaciated dog who  is missing upper jaw is the result of unknown trauma, who also has a fractured pelvis  which has caused limited use of her hind legs. In addition, she has multiple litters of puppies. Her injuries are consistent with having had been used as a bait dog when she no longer was needed for breeding.  (That's right, dog fighters feel the need to breed more curs and bait dogs, that's how it works!) For now, Khalessi has been prescribed a special diet, and plans will be made for future surgeries to help her walk and make her aesthetically more pleasing.   Donate today."
In a politically correct world, this type of story should shut of those naysayers who claim that,  these dogs are dangerous and should be banned or at least regulated.   But THIS dog, poor thing, look at how abused it was, you suggest a humane needle of sleepy juice,  you are MEAN!  Let's let this tortured creature live on, because it's humane!
Without a Home: Kitten anesthetized before euthanasia.

Meanwhile, this kitten, healthy and sweet, was euthanized because there was no more room at the shelter, and for some odd reason, rescuing a healthy kitten  doesn't make one feel better or like so much of a hero as a emaciated pit bull, former bait dog and breeding bitch, who is missing half her face, needs several procedures in order to walk, and will need special food for the rest of her life. You'll be a hero, taking her out to poop.   You can write a book on it and maybe be able to promote it on the Rachel Ray Show. Caching! 

Goody Goody for you!

Another one, September 2015