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Wednesday, December 16, 2015

The Wrecking Ball

The year ends with a BANG for the pit bull advocacy.
  Look who speaks up for the poor maligned pibbles....

The famous twerk tweeted that those poor pit bulls are killed because people are "racist".  I think that argument shows she is just a silly twerk jerk.  She may be actually insane.  She's in luck, because some one behind a FAKE EMOTIONAL SUPPORT SCAM tweeted back a FREEBEE (it would cost us mere mortals a little cash) so she can be declared unofficially nuts so she too can take her dogs, including her pit bull with her everywhere she goes.    Take a look...what would you check...fear of flying (Not YOU!), anxiety (PULEEEZE!), how about....PERSONALITY DISORDERS!  Kid, you are the poster child for that! 
Poor dog, indeed.

Pit bulls and Miley go together like Peas and Carrots, we couldn't think of a type of dog more worthy of her endorsement and support.  Good luck Pibbles.  We are rooting to regulate you so you don't have to deal so much with the clowns, but alas...

More ways the world is being wrecked by Miley and Pibbles.


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Sorry Miley,  it's over population not "Haters", 
or due to "doggie racism". 
The anti-BSL crowd fights against those
                               mandatory spay and neuter policies.

Dear Miley, should you happen to have an unfortunate event with your gripper, we will be here for you.  Cover your ass, just in case. 

Love, the "Haters"


  1. dear miley, i won't be there for you.

  2. What a dumb c~#t. I wish these singers and actors would stick to their jobs and keep their pieholes shut.

  3. love this one. love the facts the humor and the satire. Great stuff! Sometimes we need the humor to keep us fighting against the horror. Thanks!