Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Cherry Pink and Apple Blossom White

WARNING:  These photos are graphic. 
If you are sensitive, do not proceed.

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While the Huffington Post is creating the next counter "Pitty Puff Piece" photo essay to prove that pit bulls are not dangerous because they can be captured in a moment of time donning accessories, or propped up by a tender, succulent human child, the Pit Nutter Circus has been collecting some heart warming images of Pitty, post maul, posing for their own "Cherry Blossom and Apple White" portrait....Pittys painted with blood. 

How many of you find that offensive?  Well, We find pittys propped with children offensive.  We find Kissing Booths offensive.  We find pittys in tutus offensive.  We find lying about what pit bulls are and do offensive.  We find telling victims to essentially GET OVER IT, HERE'S A CUTE PIBBLE WITH FLOWERS ON ITS UGLY DUMPTRUCK HEAD OFFENSIVE!

 As an antithesis to all of the puff pieces, here is a collection of photos, capturing a pit bull, in a moment of time.  The victims of these dogs, will continue to endure many more moments of their own, likely a case of PTSD as they heal.  There isn't a pile of tutus that will take that moment away.  

This cute pibblely wibble sent two women to the hospital and then was sent on a trip across the Rainbow Bridge.
  This sensitive pit bull named Sheba killed a friend who shared the household with his owner, who just didn't understand that this man was trying to help his owner.  His owner died too. Sheba is currently being rehabilitated and may one day be put up for adoption.  Douglas Anthony Cooper, have we got a dog for you!

This was one of the two dogs that had been let out to go to the bathroom.  The gate was somehow left open.  Screams ensued. 
Neighbors watched in horror as the dogs mauled a man walking along 12th Street East. (Palmdale, CA)
“They had him like a rag doll. His skin was hanging you could see a little bit of his rib.”

How many more Tutus are needed to wash that one away?

This pit bull is a blush, wearing the blood of his owner.  You know, pit bulls are so willing to please, they are the MOST loyal dog.  It's all how you raise 'em.....

No, this is not a nature photo of a wild predator shot by some wildlife photographer from National Geographic.  This is a domestic pet.  The lush grass in the background is almost bucolic, but it was likely taken in some suburbian park.  Was it amaranth or cochineal,  or did this pooch get into a pack of dental plaque disclosing tablets?  Or was poodle, was it a herd of goats, was it a little old lady tending flowers who supplied the source of that scarlet dye?  This one just cries for a crown of flowers to be placed upon its head, and surely the image will convince people that pit bulls are perfectly safe to keep as pets, Red Roses.

This is not rose colored glass.  This pit bull, named Prince, is happily waiting for its owner....wait a minute...he just mauled his owner.  He's a real prince.  She survived and even got a ride in a Helicopter.
  Plucky widdle confused pibble, but it's all how you raise 'em.