Friday, August 21, 2015

Pitty goes to Bollywood

 Listen and watch the video!

It is said that music is an international language.   There are also archetypes that transcend the barriers of culture,  language, and time.   This kind of communication can be found in even the most low budget and campy of films.   Lo and behold, around the 2:15 minute mark in this delightfully toe tapping colorful Bollywood Extravaganza (Adavi Donga, 1985), we find a brief cameo of our favorite universal villain, accompanied with the leitmotiv used straight out of the silent film era, a tremolo fully diminished chord fermata, briefly interrupting the happy-go-lucky bouncy tempo. 

  Thank goodness, as far as we can tell, not being able to understand fully the Telugu dialect from India, all seems to end well.  It does however, cast a continued doubt on the claim of the tired mantra used by pit bull advocates: "in the 70's it was the German Shepherd, in the 80's it was the Doberman, in the 90's it was the Rottweiler". The choice of the dog cast into the role of the villain suggests that in  India circa 1985, the dog with the "bad rap" was some kind of ugly dumptruck gripper that looks neither like a German Shepherd nor a Doberman.  

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  1. The sad part is that the pit bull really has now gone to Bollywood. There is an alarming rise in the number of dog attacks on people in India. Again and again, it turns out these are pit bull type dogs, owned by members of the Indian affluent elite who are copying our wonderful Western fashion. Which includes letting FrankieMauler roam the neighborhood. This is having disastrous consequences for the indigenous street dogs, who get blamed for what these owned roaming pit bulls do. Official know this. Nevertheless they then appease the public by doing a round-up and sadistic killing of the street dogs, leaving the rich people's pitties alone. Western 'animal welfare' workers in India are complicit in this. Even when they know too that it was a pit bull, they refuse to say this. They'd rather see masses of harmless street dogs cruelly killed than have "one type of dog targeted".