Sunday, April 17, 2016

Nutter Meme Makeover!

Who doesn't  enjoy transformations and makeovers!  Now let's make over some of the most oft shared pit bull propaganda memes.  It was felt that the "before" pic was not needed, because the following six memes have been around quite some time now, and it's time they received a dose of TRUTH. 

  The coconut meme still persists despite many scholarly derailments.  You would think that nutters would THINK....when's the last time you even saw a coconut tree in your neighborhood? 

The crazy coconut meme inspired a poem. 

This is the favorite shared by the college educated vegan rescue angel.  What the dear well meaning darlings do not seem to understand, it would really help  pit bulls if we could regulate who could own them. 

 Mr. President put out his finger in the wind one day when Cesar Milan showed up at his door step.  I think a crowd of victims need to do the same.

I suspect there are a good many people who don't even know what BSL is, and it would be fair to explain why there is a pit bull pissing on the letters BSL...

This is such a classy advocacy!

Political correctness works, this is why pit bull advocates grip and hold, and don't let go. 

I've seen this one shared in the news media, on the Huffington Post and even on the wall of my local shelter, it looks so scientific.  The original doesn't explain what the American Temperament Society is testing for.  Pit bull advocates can also not make the claim "it's all how you raise em", if they are going to share this erroneous information, because it contains a list of popular breeds that collectively score lower on this test for Schutzhund prospects than do pit bulls (which do not exist and no one can tell what one looks like), but collectively and all added up together for the last twenty years, kill and maim less.   Yeah, these other breeds score lower on the American Temperament Society Test because weirdos and guns scare them, but isn't it all how you raise 'em?  

If you have ideas for nutter meme make overs, let us know.  We adore sprucing things up with truth and explanations!


  1. Coconuts, some people they have felled
    As gravity they employ
    But unlike the avid pitbull
    It's not something they enjoy


    More annoying memes!

  3. Those that hate pitbulls
    Are described as cowardly and mean
    Yet cannot match the panicked flight
    Of owners at the bloody scene

  4. this is the most ignorant thing Ive seen on the internet in a very long time. and that's really saying something. congratulations!

  5. Wow! I would love to meet the individual that is running this website. You should be ashamed of yourself. Please comment back how we can get in touch. Get a life fool

  6. By the way, the original of the last one says the temperament tests are for low aggression, panic, and avoidance. At least check your facts if you are going to be so ignorant.

    1. What exactly does the ATTS test for, why was the test created in the first place? You really are daft.

      Pit bulls have the best temperaments for unprovoked attacks, for that they reign supreme.

  7. The idiot who created this website must not know that "Pit Bull" is a group of dog breeds and makes up 40% of USA Dog Population. They were originally bred to be used for dog fighting and to be extremely loyal to their owner. The majority of Pit Bull type dog attacks is when they are protecting their owner. A lot of Pit Bull type attacks are actually Pit Bull mixes, or dogs that resemble Pit Bull features but may not have any Pit Bull in them at all. In Canada, the Husky has more bites then any other dog breed but not because they're aggressive, because they're the most common dog breed in that country. If the USA had 2 Labrador Retrievers and 5,000 Pit Bull type dogs, what breed would be more likely to have a bite history? The Pit Bull would, but not because they're aggressive, but because they greatly outnumber the Labs. I'm aware this article was posted years ago, but the retard who posted this should really take it down before people get false information from it. Have a nice day :)

    1. Labs, Golden Retrievers, German Shepherds are ALL more common and popular in the United States. If it had nothing to do with breed or type, then there would be more fatalities with these breeds involved. It seems you get your false information from the pit bull advocacy. By the way, most of the dogs involved in fatalities, are pit bulls, who are so "loyal", that they maim or kill their owners. Good luck with your gamebred bloodsport dog.

    2. Do you have a site you got your facts from? I'm making a projects and those are great statistics if they come from a source. Thank you!

  8. This website is absolutely foul and disgusting. Whoever put this up is totally ignorant and misinformed. I've lived with pitbulls for 14 years and they have never caused harm to anyone or anything. A dogs breed has nothing to do with their behaviour numbskull.