Sunday, January 24, 2016

Revenge of the Stick Figures

A facebook time waster spoofing stick figures and good old fashioned Dick and Jane Primary Reader prose went viral, and it was no time until the pit bull advocates created their own little meme to share. 

Of course,  Spike doesn't support B.S.L., he doesn't even think about it one way or another.  He's a dog in this sense.  B.S.L. isn't about the way he looks, it's about the proclivity towards bloody mayhem.   It recalls this old stick figure bumper sticker....

We at the circus wish that pit bull advocates and owners could figure it out.   In the meantime, we've come up with our own spoofs of the spoof, heavy on the hints.   All three are based on true stories,  that have happened countless times. 


  1. This here is Spite

    Uh no I mean Spike!
    Some people see him and some don't
    Spike saved my baby from a man in a van
    And if he don't show up on camera it's cause he's a pit bull
    And there is no such thing as a pit bull
    Which us that knows is something not everybody knows
    Cept the educated that's me
    So next time a rescue needs a baby
    You can count on me and my hero who don't want any fuss
    He wiggles his butt and then he's gone
    ...and can you say hallucination?

    1. Your wonderful poem joins forces with the image provided by Cloudfish, thank you for the dark humor!

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  3. Love it Cloudfish. It's pure poetry. It will be posted in Pit Bull Poet Laureate.

  4. People follow what they believe is truth by those that spin a great story. Scew the facts to support their beliefs. The Pitt bull has a long and proud American history. Facts don't lie.
    There was a dangerous man that almost destroyed the world. All based an false ideals. He refused to look at the underlying problems of his nation. Its easier to blame than fix. So he did blame a race, heritage and beliefs. For that 6,000,000+ died in camps and countless in battle. All for a muddled belief.

    History knows him as Adolf Hitler

    1. Seems to me you are the pot calling the kettle actually believe the SPIN brought to you by the pit bull advocacy. Yes, the Pit bull (only one t sweetie) has a long history, not a proud one unless you think it's proud to advocate for a dog that mauls people and other animals. Then you throw in the "Racism" and "Hitler" card. He he he!

  5. not completely true. there is no such breed as a pit and any dog could do that....including snoopy who was a "nice begle" some people with no intellect of the breed get them to protect them but truly its not the dog its the owner, so don't be a dick be smart #gopit