Friday, June 3, 2016

Ask Madame Cesarina!


In the heart of the Pit Nutter Circus, you can consult the great Pit Bull oracle, the Great Madame Cesarina, whose actions are louder than whispers.  However, not too many people are willing to speak out of the snake oil and slight of hand that is passing off as "science" to the once respectable publication and now media platform.    Since the pit bull has become mainstreamed as a pet, thanks greatly to the Whispering Dog Oracle, there is a  great need for experts to help fur mommies who were inspired by such programs as the "Dog Whisperer" on National Geographic to get their own dogs bred for bloodsport in the first place!    Now people can actually experience the thrill of those gripping "Wild Kingdom"  prey and predator scenarios as  was once captured solely   in the stunning photography or videography for themselves, AND they can spread the thrill to their family and entire neighborhoods.  Are we all benefiting from this education?  Have you been educated yet?

Have a problem with Pibble, ask MADAME CESARINA!

Completly Normal. TSCHHHHHHHH!


Be a Pack Leader!

It's all how you raise 'em.


These problems are all the result of your inspiration, Madame Cesarina.  Tschhhhhh isn't working.

Petitions to remove Cesar Millan from National Geographic

Inhumane Methods

Abuse of Pig

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  1. Thanks for the laugh! The "tschhhh" after each instance of a clueless owner wondering what to do about their aggressive "pibble" was inspired. Cesar and pit bull apologists--they enable each other and both exhibit extreme cluelessness about dogs.