Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Rocket Man

We all have heard it mentioned over and over again, that pit bulls have locking jaws.  This isn't true.  Even dogsbite.org mentions this, so why pit bull advocates will continue to bring up this now moot point is vexing.  Well, they are not rocket scientists after all, and they can't get go of even mutually agreed upon points.   What actually locks in a pit bull type dog, is its brain.  It has terrier will and  bulldog steel trap jaws, and it holds on and shakes its head, tearing flesh and breaking bones because that is how it was designed.   Once pitty latches on, it doesn't desire to let go.  It doesn't let go even when their loving owner screams "let go", over and over again.   The video is a good example.

Remember, It's all how you raise 'em.  

Had this been the dog any other Joe Schmo, there would have been a hefty  $10,000 fine and likely jail time for killing a protected  marine animal.   
However, because this beast belongs to the daughter of Rocket Scientist  Nasa astronaut Mark Kelly, husband of former Senator Gabrielle Giffords (Dem.) , there were no charges filed.  The leash gave way, it's one of those sad unfortunate accidents that happen, somehow.  One wonders what would have happened had it been a child instead of a baby sea lion.  Ironically, he and his wife are in the forefront of regulating fire arms.  A Gun would have come in handy here.  Weapons Grade dogs? Not a peep about them.

Astro Dine and Dash. 


  1. Maul for me, baby
    I'm going blind from this sweet, sweet craving, whoa
    Let's lose our minds and go crazy crazy
    Ah ya ya ya ya
    I keep on rollin'!
    Grab and shake by the ocean!

  2. The Human Race should be VERY ashamed for inflickting so much agony and pain to other peacefull pets, animals and children by the hand of some dumb dograce. ASHAMED!

  3. This video makes me so mad. I saw it when it first happened, it still pisses me off that this little twit got to kill a baby seal just because of who her parents were. I still hope we read about how her stupid dog rips into her someday.

  4. I happen to personally know this family. I can't say I like them or want any further contact with them. I've watched them use their status and wealth to get out their bad behaviors for years. It makes me sick.

    What happened a few years ago to G. Giffords is awful and doesn't deserve to happen to anyone, ever. You'd think they'd have learned something from it, but I see that they have not.

    The murder dog will strike again. I hope it isn't a child next time.