Thursday, February 11, 2016

Crazy Old Lion Tamer

Crazy Old Bat Nutter demonstrates her mad lion tamer
whip skills on a neighborhood critic.

Poetry in motion, a must see!


  1. Rhythmic Gymnastics, I train with great passion
    And synchronized swimming, the 1910 fashion
    And a lariat cowgirl correcting her horse
    With no hesitation but plenty of force
    And a skip and a hop in my girlish game
    With nothing to lose and no hormones to tame
    I twirl In my beauty cross a fantasy field
    I yodel and yelp, I won't be concealed
    I hear in my head the roaring acclaim
    That I am an ambulatory sort of dame
    Over fallen bodies I'll hop ever most briskly
    Don't care if you're old, don't care if I'm gristly
    The virginal snow will soon be quite trampled
    But my womanly charm shall never be sampled
    I'll fend off all comers, they never shall Come
    AndOf Bellevue I I've been a frequent alum
    But now I grow tired of extravagant display
    My pit bull demands I must now disarray
    My costume and leathers, I'm done for today
    I've brought us both honor, I want my reward
    A slavering pitbull makes me feel quite adored
    I find it unpleasant to be f****ing ignored

  2. Thank you, it's brilliant and adorable!

  3. Holy crap! I hope she was charged with assault!