Sunday, August 18, 2013

The Kissing Booth

                        Try your luck at the 
                       Pit Bull Kissing Booth!

According to officials with the Oakland County sheriff’s department, the 33-year-old man was visiting with the pit bull’s owner Wednesday night — in the 800 block of N. Perry  in Pontiac —  when he stuck out his tongue while face to face with the dog.

Get that blood pumping, it's thrilling to risk your own children to life time disfigurements or perhaps a fatality!

The department says that’s when the pet lashed out.

The man was taken to McLaren Hospital for treatment. Investigators said the severed portion of the man’s tongue wasn’t recovered and was likely to have been swallowed by the dog.

You never know where that kisser has been.  Hey kid, let's go for some cotton candy afterwards if you are not in a hearse, ambulance, or one of those life flight helicopters!  WEE!

It's better to just let pitty kiss other pitty.  

Get the break sticks ready to go!

Pit Bull Kisses, only 25 cents!

Cost of  loosing cheek, eye, scalp, tongue....

six figures!



  1. but if you do decide its worth the risk dont expect sympathy from the douche bag dog crowd if pittie turns jack the gripper .they will just turn around and ask what kind of idiot would kiss a pitbull. damned as a ignoramus if you dont and a fool if you do . basturds alway have a psychopathic answer for everything

  2. Next thing you know NAMBLA will have sit on a pedophile's lap for a dollar booths...



  3. I REALLY hope that your entire blog is one giant satire piece. You should be advocating the prosecution of those who abuse these dogs and train them to be this way. I have met PLENTY of chihuahuas who SHOULD be put down because they are vicious, but OH NO! Don't do that to a POOR HELPLESS CHIHUAHUA.
    Guess what? It's in EVERY dogs nature to be aggressive. Every domestic dog is distantly related to some kind of WILD dog. IF you truly believe that ALL pit bulls are evil, please explain EXACTLY why. Were you bit? Was someone close to you hurt or possibly killed by one? If so, I'm sorry. That is very sad and unfortunate. But that does not mean that EVERY child (or adult for that matter) is in danger when they are around pit bulls.

    There. I did your research for you. You do the reading now and educate yourself.

    THE PROBABILITY OF BEING ATTACKED BY A PIT BULL IS ACTUALLY LOWER THAN THE REST OF THE BREEDS. Do your research before you disseminate false information. In fact, chihuahuas and other small breeds are the WORST behaved dogs.

    Look, I even got you a pretty info graphic so that you don't have to do any other reading either. I'll go ahead and post this stuff on all of your posts so that your readers can also be WELL informed.

    Not one person is being FORCED to go to these booths. You do ANYTHING at your own risk. That last french fry you stuffed down your gullet may be the one to set off that heart attack, but you won't be suing McDonald's anytime soon, will you?

  4. The pit bull kissing booth-approved by nine out of ten plastic surgeons.

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