Sunday, August 25, 2013

What happened to Mona Lisa's Smile?

Mona Lisa becomes a fur mommy!

                                                Mona Lisa adopted a Pibble,
                            She smiled, then it began to wiggle,
                         She let out a shriek, as it sunk in it's teeth,
                                 It was only just taking a nibble.


Mona Lisa after. Good news is that she is on the road to recovery. 

Let's see your inspired Limericks!

When you sit beside pibble, take care,
Now Mona Lisa looks just like Linda Blair,
Once bitten, became rabid
And now she has a habit
Of creating "Lab mixes" out of thin air....

But they're really pit bulls
You can tell, by their reptilian stare. 

Not a Limerick. 

Oh well.  Have fun!


  1. linda nutter blair is running an above ground cemetery. many of the same dogs in my blog post dated jan 2010 are still there.

  2. What the fuck..? Someone thought to superimpose a pit bull on the Mona Lisa?

    One thing I love about this blog is that the artistic examples proffered are so weird (I'm not saying that I love the examples, but, rather, your treatment of them). They are bizarre. Over and over again, I keep assuming that you must be manipulating images for satire and affect.

    But no, they come up with it on their own!

    Alas, I cannot contribute a limerick. My writing is good enough but my poetry sucks.

    Can't wait to read others' contributions, however!


    P.S. I love the mood music. Oh god.

  3. P.P.S. Do you get pit nutter spam in your comment, or do you deliberately delete them? You seem oddly uninfested by nutters...

    My hunch is that they see this blog and don't understand it.

  4. Thus far, the nutters do not come to my blogs.

    These are just little things I find, sometimes looking for other things. Crazy stuff. I feel like an anthropologist, observing the nutter tribe. They are all strange, twisted clowns.

  5. anthropologist indeed ...anthropitopologist .

  6. oh my god , sounds like linda blair has made a pact with the devil and needs a proper exorcism . hopefully one of her dogs gets to her soon.

  7. The Lady with unfathomable smile
    Has by contest lost, a Beauty trial
    and now the winner, must modestly attend
    Her pride and vanity must now amend
    and present herself, La Frankenphile

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  10. She sits with meaty dog in her arms
    her smile is sweet and filled with charm
    As recipes cloud her pretty head
    About What to Serve when pittie's
    Cause pits are useful and do no harm
    When raised like Pork on family farms

  11. Da Vinci turned his brush, they say
    From Dogs Playing Poker to A Lady at Bay
    Her lap-dog pleasure
    Immortalized her leisure
    Her Smile unmangled
    for less than a day

  12. A pit dog lover tired of Comix and Porn
    And so from an Art Book a picture was torn
    It made his Worlde so very Riche
    to pit bull embellish an entitled Olde
    and make her Olde Worlde
    less Dismal and Forlorn

  13. Da Vinci spent much time and toil
    to portray La Mona with Gargoyle
    the message Delirious
    and quite meritorious
    but sure to cause Tourist turmoil

  14. La Gioconda did ever protest
    her irate dog to be no Pest
    From Plague Bubonic
    He proved a fine Tonic
    His face and and his breath gave Demons no Rest

  15. sadfalada
    i like your comment re porky pits on farms. fried green tomatoes shouldve had that crackers pit on a spit and served it up with its master.

  16. The cleavage of Mona, the Pope did Offend
    And long did He Pray and the portrait attend
    will inspiration flow?
    un Cane Mostruoso!
    Through Trials, the Pious to Heaven, Ascend

  17. A squat Hellish Demon young Mona did Tame
    And heretics threatened- a most refined Game!
    Her Memento Mori
    was pleasingly Gory
    And assured her a Mugshot of great local Fame

  18. not sure id want to eat a shitbull . i love maltipoos and schnauzers .

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  20. But those CHEEKS, everyone knows CHEEK meat is the best!

    SadFalada, I laughed so hard. Thank you for your clever submissions. The nutter tribe will not understand them.

  21. I'm inspired with SadFalada, I'n not nearly as clever, but I had a good chuckle.

    Once sitting pretty in the Louvre,
    Mona Lisa’s disfigured! They moved her,
    To a place nearly posh,
    Next to Hieronymus Boch,
    If Andy Warhol was here, he’d approve.

    A dog artist, his talent displayed
    Things once sealed and contained become frayed!
    Are they mosaics of the flesh?
    That red paint seems so FRESH!
    Michelangelo’s David’s afraid.

    The way things go now, it is clear;
    The way Vincent Van Gough lost his ear.
    On a Starry Night, long ago
    Mr. Vincent Van Gough
    To a Pit bull, got a wee bit to near.

  22. Love them, M.o.W. !! More, please!
    This was a very fun thing to play with--and ironic that Da Vinci thought CATS and horses to be the most perfectly formed creatures--a bulldog would only serve as an allegory of evil....maybe someday a smartass pit owner will name his creature Basilisk, in deference to it's
    reptilian ffeatures!

  23. Also. does anyone think Vitruvian Man needs the addition of a bulldog? The possibilities are endless!! Is he displaying that he is unscathed by bulldog? Is he standing in terrified surrender? Is he jumping for joy that he got a bulldog for his birthday instead of, (ugh!) underwear? Is he a frustrated judge at a bulldog show? Is he awaiting the chalk outline of the Homicide by canine Detectives? Could he be offering his outstretched arms and naughty bits as bulldog toys? Is he appealing to God for a brown paper bag to cover a bulldog's head with?
    .....or, is he simply limbering up for the Million Pibble March...

  24. Oh dear, it seems it's been done.;_ylt=A2KJkPlW.jBSggUAz0WJzbkF;_ylu=X3oDMTFxYnFjcDNsBHNlYwNzcgRzbGsDaW1nBG9pZANlZmNiMWQ4ODc1MzUyNzZhOTBiODU4MjVmY2JlYWJlNgRncG9zAzE-?


  26. Found it! Vitruvian Man with Bulldog humping leg...? Very original, you can never get enough annoying imaginary sex in Renaissance parodies!

  27. How about Da Vinci's 5 Grotesque Heads...too obvious?