Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Chew Toys for Pit Bulls

 We all remember when NFL superstar Michael Vick was convicted for dog fighting.  Some smart marketing genius capitalized on making chew toys for dogs, using his likeness. 

Take THAT Mr. Vick!

It seems they are not pit bull proof.   I think we need to make chew toys in the likeness of pit bulls for cats and Chihuahuas.

Pit Bulls require something a little chewier, and juicy....


GOOD NEWS!  Yesterday, pit bull advocacy BAD RAP, seeking to improve the maligned image of the pit bull finally admitted that despite the good intentions behind the "Nanny Dog" myth, there is no such thing.   Of course, there is quite a few advocates who claim there is no such thing as a pit bull either. In any case,  we hope other pit bull advocacy groups will follow suit.  Next to add will be "All the man biters were culled", "ATTS temperament test", the very bloody "It's all how you raise 'em", which will lead the way for the "Pit bulls make great family pets".  In the meantime, all you little old ladies who like to prune flowers and go for walks, all you letter carriers  WATCH OUT!  YOU ARE STILL CHEW TOYS!  Oh, and you pit bull owners and advocates, it seems you are too.  Six times more likely to be Chew, Chew, Chew toys!


  1. "...finally admitted that despite the good intentions behind the "Nanny Dog" myth, there is no such thing. Of course, there is quite a few advocates who claim there is no such thing as pit bulls either. "


    you've really out done yourself with this one.

  2. The only man fighters that were culled were curs who would've been culled any way. No body ever culled a good combat dog for human aggression.

  3. f*ck you pit bulls are good dogs they do not eat children go kill yourself b*tch

  4. you would have made a great eugenicist. after you're done looking up what that means, you really should stop spewing ignorance on an amazing breed of dog. did someone not hug you enough as a child?