Thursday, May 9, 2013

Vintage Naughty Peep Show

Craven Desires found this little gem!

If Sergeant Stubby is a pit bull, so is this.


  1. Huh - Grippers and Strippers go together like peas and carrots. I didn't know that! Great images. & I love the mood music.

  2. outstanding.

    Joseph Colby addressed the pit bull's popularity and the character of the owners in his 1936 classic 'The American Pit bull Terrier':

    When the Pit Bull Terrier was introduced into America, he was more commonly found to be owned by prize fighters, saloon keepers and habitues, sporting men and the like. From the start the breed has earned an unjust reputation due to his fighting ability and the character of the owner.

    At about the turn of the Twentieth Century the breed was fast becoming popular and the pit dog found his way into the homes of men from all walks of life. Dog magazines carried ads and illustrations of dogs that had earned a reputation in the pit and through this advertising many dogs were sold and fought for large sums of money.

    Much of the popularity was due to the notoriety given Harry Kreiger and his dog, "Crib", Cockney Charlie and his dog "Pilot" and Johnnie McDonald's "Grip", and many other famous dogs with a reputation proven in the pit.

  3. How is that earned reputation "unjust" if it's the reality?

  4. The black-and-white photo second from the bottom creeps me out for some reason. The woman does NOT look happy to be there.