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Thursday, July 4, 2013

The Freedom of Speech Follies!

One of the things that strikes me most about pit bull advocates, is how they fight to end BSL, a freedom to own any breed of dog without any regulations or policy, but will throw my favorite concept...the freedom of speech baby....out of the window on any one or entity that dares to express their observation that pit bulls are dangerous.  I call HYPOCRITE!

Here's their angle: They may use the scenario of appealing to your right to freedom, and how dare you dis the "American Dog", the symbol of freedom itself.  "If they ban pit bulls, your breed will be next"....

Let's look at a list things that are banned:

Haggis, how RACIST!

Large Soda Pops in New York City. Now if you are thirsty in the Big Apple, you will need to purchase two medium sodas. 

Lawn Darts,  due to 4 deaths.  I sure miss them. They would sure come in handy with pit bulls running amok.....

Cat and Dog fur products, even though this is blatant specisism, even the skins of goats, sheep, and beef,  had fur or hair on them before it was removed and ordained into leather.  In any case, in the U.S.A. we render cat and dog fur into lip stick and crayons. The raw materials for these products brought to you by the backyard breeders of America. Into the mix, a good million pit bulls.

Today, I heard of communities hinting of banning their sports programs because they are too dangerous.  And a hot topic right now,  after the horrible shootings by mentally unstable people, again we explore whether or not our rights to bear arms should be an American tradition that continues.  People elect to participate in sports, and guns don't somehow and go off and shoot on their own, and they are REGULATED!

Yet municipalities in the most free country on the face of this beautiful spinning planet have elected to have restrictions, added policy, and all out bans on that certain strain of gripping dog, and there are countries who have decided that they should be banned entirely for the greater good of protecting the public from what these dogs can do...what they do on a near daily basis. 

If that patriotic appeal fails to hit the desired target, they draw out their guns and shoot another one of their usual scripted arguments, well "All dogs bite, any dog could have done that". So therefore, if we follow the syllogism they have set up.....

Pit Bulls are dogs.
All dogs are dangerous.
Therefore, pit bulls are dangerous.


If you think this is only a volatile American issue, think again.  Here is an article from New Zealand, which expresses the anger of pit bull owners incited over comments made by an  SPCA official that the breed is "bad to the bone."

SPCA Executive Director Bob Kerridge last week said pit bulls are the exception to the rule that dogs are not born bad. 

"The pit bull is the exception to the way we talk about dogs. No dogs are born bad, except pit bulls - owners make them bad," he said.

The pit bull advocates and owners were outraged.

Karen Batchelor of the American Pit Bull Terrier Association says Australian and American SPCAs run pit bull adoption programmes and believes Kerridge's comments would find little support from veterinarian associations.

That's because pit bulls are good for business. They have a high susceptibility of contracting  Parvo and Mange, they attack other family and neighborhood pets, and that brings in a good grand per case, and then of course, there are the euthanizations and cremations that follow..  CaCHING! ~MOW

"I don't understand how the SPCA can allow him to speak like this about the breed, simply based on his own views," whined some pit bull advocate. 

FREEDOM OF SPEECH? Should dogs be  protected from slander and libel, do they care?
 ~ MOW

The messages have prompted SPCA Auckland to issue a statement.

"The Auckland SPCA considers the risks associated with adopting pit bulls or pit bull crosses too high given the Dog Control Act declares them to be dangerous and we believe we have a duty of care to the community."

But the advocate protested that, Kerridge's comments are misleading.

But so were her responses, in fact, blatant lies.  One of the freedoms enjoyed by this particular advocate, is the ability to regurgitate lies and half truths. ~MOW

"No breed of dog ever deserved this wrap  and over the years it's been rottweilers, dobermans, German shepherds, and before then, believe it or not, newfoundlands and even bloodhounds have been the 'demon dogs' of the day."

Was this her written statement?  She needs to be educated! ~MOW

Be sure to take a peek at the results of the in the now closed poll...looks like Bad to the Bone won readily over the Big Softies and I don't know(53/38/8).  HIP HIP HOORAY!

Yes, the pit bull advocacy works harder at silencing any attempts of using their mascot in any marketing, unless it is "positive", than they do of educating owners to be responsible.  Their memes are failing them. 

Recall the outrage over the McDonald's Chicken McNugget Campaign.

Chicken McNuggets or Petting a Stray Pit Bull?

The ad discussed risks, among them "petting a STRAY pit bull". Some more logical pit bull advocates retorted, well petting ANY stray dog is risky.  So therefore, let's follow the logic...

Pit bulls are dogs.
Petting a stray dog is risky.
Therefore, petting a stray pit bull is risky.

I don't know, is petting a stray pit bull more risky than eating a Chicken McNugget?  It would be nice to be given the freedom of the option with pit bulls running amok and a lone chicken McNugget sitting on the table...which one may maul you, which one may give you the trots? Ironically, the theme explored by the ad campaign was RISK....and the concept was that we are free to choose it.

The result was, the ad campaign was silenced, and Pink Slime was banned.

Oh, and Happy Meals are banned in San Francisco as well as any trips to Arizona by city workers.  No Grand Canyon for you lovely people with the flowers in your hair, who live in the lovely city by the bay. 

Recently a photo of a product called "Pit Bull Defence Maximum Spray" that was sold to a limited market at Walgreen's outraged pit bull advocates and owners enough to deluge the Walgreen's facebook page (I'm sure their other contacts as well) with their outrage. It inspired the creation of a  page just for destroying Walgreen's reputation for destroying the pit bull's reputation, for which, let me say again...

THEY ARE DOGS AND THEY DO NOT GIVE A FLYING F^@K WHAT PEOPLE THINK OF THEM!  This is the ONLY case, where pit bulls are just dogs, with due respect to pit bulls which kill a human every 14 days in the U.S.A.. 

The page persists, despite the fact that the official Walgreen's facebook page made an apology, and said they have since pulled the product and sent it back to the manufacture. 

We apologize to everyone about the pit bull spray that was sold at a few isolated locations. We can assure you that this was not a corporately purchased item. It was never our company’s intent to condone the inappropriate singling out of any one breed of dog. Instead, a very small number of our stores obtained it for sale on their own. As a result of us becoming aware of the product, we have told those few stores who are carrying the item to stop selling it immediately. We also will ensure other locations don't carry it, too. Thank you and be well."

DAMN, I want some of that!

Here are some of their comments, copied and pasted.

Boycott Walgreens. Save the pit bulls its the message behind the product... a spray designated for protecting your self from pitbulls... it should be a spray protecting you from a vicious stray dog... its discriminating to the breed and walgreens has supported this

Boycott Walgreens. Save the pit bulls hope your 8.99$ was worth a destroyed reputation and ALOT of angry dog lovers

Boycott Walgreens. Save the pit bulls

This is a copied statement, original spelling intact.  Notice that they are unable to spell the words apologize and pit bull(s) correctly, but they seek to "educate".   
It would be wonderful to have this product available, in fact, just two days ago I had another close call and was saved by a nice lady who cut it off with her van, WHEW!!! 
Alas! The pit bull advocacy has hindered my consumer choice of a product I would purchase wanting to protect myself from their consumer choice in dog breed. My curiosity piqued searching for the product on line, I ran into several discussions on to whether or not pepper spray or mace is actually effective on pit bulls.  I got mixed results.  

Now note, this is a testimonial that says that "Pepper Spray works on most dogs, EVEN pit bulls.  So that little word EVEN, suggests that pit bulls are a separate class.  They didn't write, EVEN Cocker Spaniels, Daschunds, or Chihuahuas, even though they are the scourge according to Animal Control, causing the majority of the problems about the town. 

There are cases, where it appears that pepper spray or mace is not strong enough, and you have to go for something designed to repel GRIZZLY BEARS.  That's right, GRIZZLY BEARS!

I found this testimonial and accompanied video.  I watched it with delight a good dozen times.  Turn on the Calliope Music and watch!
So I searched for this product on line, and guess what I found......

"A Charging Grizzly Bear is NOT the same thing as a mugger on a street corner, or EVEN a charging pit bull"

 Even with the negation in the use of the word "NOT" , the images and associations are made. For instance, RenĂ© Magritte explored this concept of the mind, with a series of paintings, this being one of the most iconic.  

This is not a pipe.

That's right, in effort to keep visitors to a National Park safe one of our government agencies has dared to muddy the reputation of America's Dog by having it share a sentence with a charging grizzly bear and a mugger on a street corner.  These days, muggers on street corners may come with a pit bull, just sayin'.  They didn't write a charging DOG, a charging Cocker Spaniel, a charging Daschund, a charging Chihuhua, no they wrote CHARGING PIT BULL.  Why did they make this particular choice? 
This is  a little experiment to see how long it takes before the pit bull advocacy catches wind of this horrible libel to the pit bull. Let's see how long before it takes that there is a "Boycott Yellowstone, save the image of the pit bull" page on facebook, and this PSA is pulled or the language changed so they can spare their employees the constant dealings with this group of people who consistently show their egos are too fragile to possibly contain the gritty mindset that cares more about safety than they do about the reputation of a dog. They whine, they complain, they demand reparations to the damage of the image of a DOG. The dog doesn't care.  They do.

And remember..... A pit bull is a dog.  All dogs are dangerous.  Pit Bulls are dangerous.   

Some dogs are more dangerous than others.  Viva la freedom of speech, Baby!


  1. i wonder if walgreen's sent tia that check :)

    love that pepper spray video. funny how the fucktards in the house didn't see their mutant leaving their property but they were all over it when mutant returned.

    love the animal farm poster.
    it's kind of weird. i was just reading essays about orwell last night and this famous animal farm quote popped pooped up. i haven't heard it in quite few years and here it twice in 24 hours.

  2. This JUST in!

    "The geniuses at Walgreens are selling pepper spray that is being marketed as “Pitbull Defense Maximum Strength Pepper Spray” because, you know, pitbulls are inherently violent and dangerous.
    If Walgreen must stock products such as this (for example personal safety protection aids - against other humans)...they really need to rethink their marketing approach. The name of the spray needs to be changed and absolutely NO PICTURES of any Pitbulls shown anywhere on the packaging."

    Good luck with that!

    Viva la Freedom of Speech, and the RIGHT TO LIFE, LIBERTY, and PURSUIT OF HAPPINESS!

    This product would actually save lives, even that of a pit bull. It would better to scare a pit bull off than to shoot or kill it.

  3. Another page created, gosh these pit bull advocates can not accept an apology, they are just like pit bulls after the other dog has curred and rolled over, submitting, and they just keep mauling....

  4. Pit bull advocates demand that Walgreen store managers donate to pit bull rescue as penance for the sin of selling a product? Has a pit bull advocate EVER donated a cent toward the medical expenses of a child mauled by a pit bull? Ever paid for a prosthesis for a brand new amputee, courtesy of a pit bull? Ever donated for funeral expenses of a pit bull victim? Paid the vet bill for the widow's poodle, mauled by pits that "somehow" escaped to rampage through the community? No they have not. They will pour money into a Facebook campaign to save the mauler but the victim? On their own...

  5. And, is it helping the reputation of these dogs.....

  6. An interesting update about the "Freedom of Speech":

    Here is what the reporter wrote, on why he didn't mention the breed of dog that killed:

    *Reporters note: The specific breed of this dog has intentionally been left out of the story, due to the fact that I have received death threats due to a misrepresented and defamatory article entitled "Chicago Pet Personality Attacks Pit Bulls.", which portrayed a picture of a pile of dead pit bulls, thus implying that I killed them which I did not and never would. If you wish to know the specific breed of the dog involved in this story, you may click on the links contained within. My Google alerts are tailored to alert me of "dog attacks", not a specific breed or breed mix. These stories are only the result of what is reported in the news. I assume no responsibility for what happens in the news, I just write about it. I still have been issued no apology or retraction by the author of the above noted story. The story, not only causing threats to my life, my residence, my property, financial losses, and beyond remains published without a retraction. Therefore, due to the defamatory article written about me, with no attempt to contact me for a quote whatsoever, it has left me to self-infict a censorship on my own Freedom of Speech, out of fear of bodily harm. ~ Joshua-Paul Angell