Saturday, July 20, 2013

Crazy Pit bull Tricks

BOSTON —West Bridgewater animal control officers are scouring the area for a loose dog described as a young, small, black pit bull named Lulu was last seen around Stonehill College campus, in Easton. Jeni Mathers, who serves as an animal control officer for West Bridgewater, said herself and several volunteers had the dog cornered at the baseball field on campus when it slipped under the fence and was last seen running down Belmont Street on the Easton/Brockton line. Brockton animal control has also been contacted, Mathers said. Anyone with information is asked to call her at 508-294-3952, or contact West Bridgewater police at 508-586-2525.
State police say the dog is responsible for a morning crash in which a car rolled over and burst into flames, closing down Route 24 northbound for about an hour Monday morning, backing up traffic for approximately five miles.
The crash occurred at about 6:10 a.m. when a man lost control of his Saturn sedan, which flipped and “ignited as it turned,” said West Bridgewater Fire Capt. Kenney May.
“He got out of the car just in time and sustained no injuries,” said May. “Lucky guy.”
State police said the dog jumped on the owner inside the car, causing the accident. The dog was still missing as of about 1:30 p.m.
Authorities closed the entire northbound side of Route 24 until the car fire was extinguished, May said.
The crash occurred near exit 17 in West Bridgewater, and was backed up about five miles, state police estimated.
The scene was clear by 7:15 a.m.

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Lulu's story has become a heart warming fundraising effort.   That has to be the best pit bull trick of all!   I wonder if it will help to pay for the cost of her adorable meyhem.....police, fire fighters and  Lulu owes somebody a new Saturn Sedan.


  1. creepy fur mommy alert.

    i hope they send Jane Ayala the bill for this mayhem. this is another reason why i believe there should be compulsory insurance on all dogs.

  2. This story is so ridiculous that at first I thought it was satire.

    P.S. Saturns are awful cars. Don't ever get one.

  3. i guess lulus gonna be dining on steak for awhile . such a sweet awesome girl , causing a fiery crash and the ensuing mayhem , escaping but coming home safely in the end . what a nice french kiss dingbat fur mommy gets from lulu on reunion .

  4. I REALLY hope that your entire blog is one giant satire piece. You should be advocating the prosecution of those who abuse these dogs and train them to be this way. I have met PLENTY of chihuahuas who SHOULD be put down because they are vicious, but OH NO! Don't do that to a POOR HELPLESS CHIHUAHUA.
    Guess what? It's in EVERY dogs nature to be aggressive. Every domestic dog is distantly related to some kind of WILD dog. IF you truly believe that ALL pit bulls are evil, please explain EXACTLY why. Were you bit? Was someone close to you hurt or possibly killed by one? If so, I'm sorry. That is very sad and unfortunate. But that does not mean that EVERY child (or adult for that matter) is in danger when they are around pit bulls.

    There. I did your research for you. You do the reading now and educate yourself.

    THE PROBABILITY OF BEING ATTACKED BY A PIT BULL IS ACTUALLY LOWER THAN THE REST OF THE BREEDS. Do your research before you disseminate false information. In fact, chihuahuas and other small breeds are the WORST behaved dogs.

    Look, I even got you a pretty info graphic so that you don't have to do any other reading either. I'll go ahead and post this stuff on all of your posts so that your readers can also be WELL informed.


    I tried really hard to refrain from stooping as low as you, but this is the straw that broke the camel's back. You are a fucking idiot.
    There really is no other way to describe you.

  5. How many Chihuahuas have killed people in comparison to pit bulls?