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Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Pit Bull Art Show

A detail of a Pit Bull Terrier collage, just lovely.   It reminds me of what a survivor of pit bull "artwork" looks like, sans the stitches and the drains.

Oh, had I a dollar for every time I wish I had a chainsaw ready to go the day one bulldozed into my life.  Pit Bulls don't need chainsaws to destroy trees, by the way.  You can purchase this beauty for less than a hundred, put it by the bed to inspire some serious ZZZzzzzzzs.

Or Nightmares, like this one.
Tuff Love by Jesse Hernandez


  1. well SHEET

    woulda really expect fine art from pit lovers?

  2. Locked out of Heaven! Damn! Hey, at least we made our time on Earth a living hell.

  3. A pit bull/Guernsey cow sawing down a tree...little known fact; Pit Bulls were America's first Lumberjacks....and Boy Scouts...and Landscapers....Toothpick manufacturers....Strip mall developers...Cat-in-Tree Rescuers...