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Friday, January 6, 2017

The Real Men Have Pit Bulls Calander

It's not too late to get your 2017 Calendar, the year is still young!

Mr. January

Mr. January takes a bite out of his pit bull's cheek, demonstrating that it's not only pit bulls who bite, but sometimes, Chihuahuas and crazy fur daddies. 

Mr. February

Mr. February is a Hunk a Hunk of Burning Love. 
                 His pit bull will not be upstaged.

Mr. March

Mr. March dumped his "girlfriend" because pit bulls 

make a more convincing "beard".

Mr. April
Mr. April is a real man, he smokes, hunts, and is a talented graffiti artist. Bring him home to meet your father, he will be thrilled.

Mr. May

 Mr. May also has a fancy pick up truck with a gun rack and really big tires.

Mr. June

Mr. June is quite the fur daddy, he feeds his spawn of future hell hounds with his own blood and a dose of oxycodone.  How sweet!

Mr. July

Mr. July is the Blue Bandana Bandito, here with his burly bulldog.

Mr. August

Grrrr! Mr. August  has one of those "Beware of the Owner" signs.  His pit bulls are scared too.

Mr. September

We have to warn you about Mr. September.  He spends way too much of his monthly earnings on ink and food for Monster Hog, his pibble.   Fortunately, there is little hide left unadorned, so maybe a after few thousand dollars spent, and he will have no available real estate left to illustrate.  He has however considered going into body modifications and piercings...... 

Mr. October
Mr. October is the sensitive Fuzzy Muzzy, here with his Hell Hounds. This red davenport features an array of hair samples, from multicolored straight hairs from assorted dogs, to an assortment of curly hairs from one fuzzy dude.

Mr. November

Mr. November has a new hobby, taking his therapy pibble "Jizz" to reach at risk youth to warn them about gangs and life in prison. Other pastimes include hanging out at the medical marijuana dispensary and keeping in touch with five different baby mommas.

Mr. December

Mr. December stole his mom's apron, it fit Pibble perfectly!
Santa sure puts up with a lot!

This is why we worry.....


  1. december looks like he is mentally retarded.

  2. these are awesome. too bad i stumble on this earlier, would have made amazing xmas gifts.

  3. Mr. July is photographed with his fingers on the triggers and one gun pointed directly at the photographer. Risky business just taking the pictures.

    Son, don't put your finger on the trigger until you are ready to shoot something.

  4. This whole blog especially this post is fucking disgusting. Racism, classism and a nice dose of anti pitbull propaganda? Fucking classy. I work at a dog daycare and have seen plenty of pitbull type dogs and they were some of the absolute loveliest dogs I've ever met. This blog is pure sensationalism and blatant propaganda. If you took as much time into researching dogs as you did making racist, classist and anti pitbull posts maybe this blog wouldn't have to exist.

    1. The only racist here is YOU! African Americans are not dogs, coons, monkeys, or any other non-human animal, quit insisting such comparisons are reasonable!

  5. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. You can play the race card, the anthropomorphism card beats it every time. You won't catch my meaning because you are illogical.

      However, you are right, it's not a pit bull problem, it's a human problem. It's humans like you who have no respect or empathy for dogs bred for blood sport. You don't understand purpose bred genetics, and you clearly don't want to if you insist on comparing domestic animal breeds with human races. Other dangerous animals are regulated. You will not find ANYWHERE in the blogs by Meals on Wheels any support of killing pit bulls, even taking away dogs from their owners. Regulation is not HATE. The pro pit bull advocacy's stance is to do nothing different, and is supported by dogfighters. You advocates are really no better than them, in creating misery for both pit bulls and their would be victims alike. It's PIT BULL ADVOCATES who are the focus of ALL of these blogs. It's offensive to comparing regulating a breed of dog with racism.

      If you pit bull advocates could figure a way to end the carnage, I would delete the blog and take up the banjo, or maybe even the GuitarrĂ³n or the duduk. Until then, it seriously makes my day, cupcake, to piss you off. It pisses me off when another person or animal is attacked by a pit bull. I think in fact, I feel a fur mommy calendar coming on, now that it's the end of January, it's only something one could find at the 99 Cents or Dollar Tree, bargain basement, just to prove that I'm not at least "sexist". Get back to work, you better keep an eye on the pit bulls at the doggy day care, those attacks are the sort that makes the news and are not good for business.

      By the way, that book by Dickey is pure propaganda. I plan to return to my review very soon. I look forward to more of your enthusiastic profanity ridden rants soon. Keep it classy!

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.