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Sunday, February 15, 2015

Pittys in Pajamas

There is an non-ending and absolutely pointless and fruitless effort in the pit bull advocacy to help rehabilitate the "bad" image of pit bulls. NEWSFLASH....PIT BULLS DO NOT CARE ABOUT THEIR IMAGE.    What they need to figure out, how to stop pit bulls from mauling the people in the household they are kept as cherished pets, especially the children. Oh the places they go.  They start off in rather lofty places, and end up in the underwear drawer.

First there was the reworking of the "First they came for...." poem, and it didn't work.  I found it offensive to compare regulating pit bulls to the plight of Jews in Nazi era Germany. It's been made into t-shirts and memes, it's supposed to scare anyone who owns a German Shepherd or a Cocker Spaniel into opposing B.S.L..

They continually use politically correct rhetoric, which works very well.  They have employed revisionist history by calling them Nanny Dogs.   I know of people who used to think of that way, and now the dogs they knew as "Nanny" killed children they loved.  It disturbs my rational mind to no end, even a leading pit bull advocacy, BAD RAP, hasn't been able to eradicate the Pandora's box that was opened up in 1971. They continually try to push these dogs off as "therapy" dogs.  Not working.  It's only a matter of time until  some pit bull victim goes into a PTSD episode with one of these mauling dogs near.   They score a "victory" when they can have a scared Santa fired.  It's only a matter of time until one of these dogs goes off pit bull style.  It will be a bloody three ring media circus. 

Then the Huffington Post launched their own banner project to help the image of the pit bull, and what I notice, is that there are more and more pit bull attacks.   They are perfectly fine presenting half truths and full out, bloody lies as legitimate news.  More advocacy, more victims.  It's not working.

Still,  the advocacy has turned to the absurd in their effort to convince the public that pit bulls are perfectly safe.

Kissing Booths. No way. 

Then they tried tutus  I wasn't convinced. 

They tried soft, hippy makeovers,  with filtered lenses, and I still saw the equivalent of Charles Manson and Adolf Hitler with lovely flowers in their hair. 

Put them in costumes, nope.  I still see a mauler, even with a full mask on. 

There was a campaign launched  Valentine's Day to coincide with the release of the movie adaptation of Fifty Shades of Grey , called "Pitty Shades of Grey", lots of "cute" photos of ugly fighting dogs in varying shades of gargoyle.  I supposed it was to appeal to the sadomasochistic tendencies in the pit bull tribe.  We already had figured that out with the "Titties for Pitties" striptease fundraisers, and the cheeky calendar "Pinups for Pit Bulls".  Sexual fetishes, tatted up pretties who have a flair for exhibition and pit bulls go together like peanut butter and jelly.  

Now it's "Pittys in P.J.s". 

Still not convinced.  My mind has not been changed. In fact, it only helps to convince me that there needs to be more work to regulate the kind of morons who think putting p.j.s. on a pit bull makes them safe, from owning them. 

I still have this movie in my head that won't go away every time I see one of these mutant dogs.  This dog is about as adorable as the Zuni Warrior Fetish Doll, in ugly Pajamas. 

They come in the ever popular Jolly Roger print, or Mexican Dia De Los Muertos sugar skulls!  Imagine that!

There are an abundance of this type of PJ's for their fur mommies to wear.  I suppose it suggests that the woman who wears them is some kind of animal in bed, that, or she is trying to convince herself that she is safe.  These nighties will not keep them safe should pitty have a dream that awakens D.N.A.  

Women who wear "Hoodie-Footies" are scary enough.


I wonder if the woman who creates these wears matching "Sleeps with Pit Bulls" jammies.  Here's her facebook page.  I must commend her for her excellent taste in combining fonts, colors,  and pattern, just ravishing. 

         These are still not available in Kevlar.  
          I couldn't find the Chihuahua model. 

                          I wonder why?

Oh, I get it now. 


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