Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Pass the Popcorn!

Every year, just when it's blazing hot outside and most of us would yearn to take a trip to the beach to cool off, the Discovery Channel plays a week of documentaries and specials about sharks.  It's become a beloved annual event worthy of popcorn, learning about these fascinating creatures that inspire fear or at least respect. 

Mark your calendars, Discovery Channel's Shark Week starts next week! 

Perhaps inspired, or perhaps feeding an insatiable appetite of people who need to be reassured and feel good about owning and advocating for pit bulls, Huffington Post has launched its own Landshark Week!  There's bound to be copious amounts of back patting. 

More people have been killed this year by land sharks 
than by real sharks.

It may be safer to go to the beach.  Watch out for the loose pit bulls.

Is that what it is?  Hearts seeking veins. May yours stay intact!