Monday, May 5, 2014

Little Sure Shot!

Click here and enjoy this little video, ARE YOU A  PIT BULL FANATIC?  Thanks Barbara Kay of the National Post for being a brave sharp shooter, and for telling it like it is!  She rocks the pinch collar, but she won't be contained!  Brava!


  1. While these people were laughing and mocking us at their million pibble march (in D.C. on May 3, to which about 250 people showed up), the seventeenth human being died of a pit bull attack. They danced and giggled while this woman died.

  2. If they cared so much about the reputation of their breed and preventing BSL policy even being considered, you think they may want to examine weather or not their whole campaign is even getting results. There's more "education" about pit bulls, yet more people and animals are being killed and maimed by them. Nothing is changing for them.

  3. a third of the pitbull population is culled every year and these idiots are worried about the rep of the breed ....shows what matters to these douches .