Monday, July 27, 2015

Circle bite

Weird Pit Nutter  news.  We are not making this up.

Pit bull bites child; pit bull’s owner bites child’s mother, police say
Errick Williamson (Rock Hill Police Dept.)
Errick Williamson (Rock Hill Police Dept.)

ROCK HILL, S.C. - The owner of a pit bull that bit a child faces charges after he allegedly bit the mother of the victim.
The incident happened in Rock Hill, South Carolina early Monday morning.

Officers say 26-year-old Errick Williamson, who opposes BSL and advocates for pit bulls,  was with Katie Hefner and Hefner's son when Williamson's pit bull bit the boy. Hefner told officers she chased after Williamson who had left on foot with the dog.

This talented pit bull with the snappy collar  can jump through windows as well.

When Hefner caught up to Williamson in a nearby park, Williamson allegedly turned the dog loose in her direction. When Hefner tried to gain control of the dog by taking hold of its leash, Williamson allegedly bit her on the arm.

When officers arrived, Williamson admitted that the dog did bite the child. He also told police that he bit Hefner after she tried to take control of the animal.

Williamson faces assault charges and marijuana possession charges.

The condition of the boy is unknown.

It could be, that this young man has been taking some Ultimate Bully Supplements.

Doesn't seem to be working.


  1. A troubled breed attracts troubled people. Where there's pitshits there's drama, and you've got it all in this one. Vicious dog, vicious crazy owner, and drugs.