Saturday, October 4, 2014

Pibbles Arts and Craft Time

It is officially Autumn time, and nothing brings in the season like setting aside some idle hours, to create away by the fireplace!  Your garden is all tucked in for the winter and pibbles at your feet (take care of those tasty tootsies!), it's CRAFT TIME!   Create some cutesy wootsie kitschy crafts to make for the craft fair or to that Pit bull awareness event...can we say FUNDRAISER for pibbles!!!  Of course, they make great gifts, you can shove your political agenda of owning fighting breeds down the throats of your nay-saying relatives!


Uncanny in their portrayals in yarn, pit bulls seem to go right for the scalp!  It is not known whether or not these charming knit caps will actually protect your child from a scalping, or if it may in fact, trigger a scalping!

In this vintage Ken Costume, we find the only evidence that Dobermans were the bad-ass dog of the seventies.  Proof of it, an anatomically correct doll suffering from a severe case of fragile masculinity issues.  But wait, this doll has got the cajones  enough to rock a crocheted suit!  These suits are also great on G.I. Joe!  Creative knitters can easily adapt the Doberman pattern to make them into pibbles, just make the ears a wee bit shorter, and insert some little beady eyes to make them look appropriately reptilian like a pit bull!

This will be heartwarming for your postal carrier, or a good warning.  We used this for lawn dart practice, until lawn darts were banned.

Do you volunteer to read to the children at your public library or school?  If you can't bring your therapy rehabilitated rescued bait pibble with you, a life-like mask will be the next best thing!  Think of the impact it will make to a reading of Galunker!

 Make these cute little purses for all of your Republican pals!  If they can accept Palin, there is hope for pibbles!  Hope AND a handy place to keep some change!

Perhaps you have a sensitive new age friend who would never use a plastic or paper shopping bag.  People of this sort are usually vegans, vegetarians and/or animal rights supporters too...perhaps you can get them to help you in those "causes"  to save dogs that maul and kill people, and oppose breed specific mandatory spay and neutering policies .  If you don't tell everything you know, the message will sound politically correct enough for them to join in their support without too much scrutiny!  This has multi-cultural appeal as well, Badabing, you have achieved a political ly correct trifecta with this whimsical bag!

This charming game-bred sculpture may look even cuter with some  candy corn poo.  OR, imagine adding him to the cast of your holiday adorable he would look,  at Santa's knee, welcoming the kiddies... or in a creche scene, protecting the baby Jesus.   I feel a children's book coming on.....

The pit bull tribe of  facebook fur-mommies can give their spawn a great introduction to the joy of creating arts and crafts and pit bull thug culture, promoting hand-eye coordination while they STILL have hands and eyes! Of course, this activity will keep the brats out of fur mommie's hair while she concentrates on capturing screen shots to share with the tribe.  One would think a "Nanny Dog" should suffice enough entertainment for the tots.

How adorable!

Happy Crafting!


  1. i don't remember where but i saw little plastic dog fighting figurines. complete with pit.

  2. Hood hounds!