Saturday, October 11, 2014

MORE Charming and Ironic Costumes

Just in time for PIT BULL AWARENESS MONTH and HALLOWEEN (and continuing on with Dia de los Muertos) here are some wonderful costume ideas modeled by the pibbles owned by the pit bull tribe of facebook!  Enjoy!

Chilly Willy doesn't feel he needs a devil costume to scare the kiddos.  

Luna the pibble made this homage to Lady Gaga's most iconic dress using flank steaks from organic free-range postal carriers and bits of neighborhood cats she herself harvested from hunts 
in the hood.

Sharky the Land Shark has been pillaging and plundering for years. Watch out for your fingers, he's not after your candy.

Plucky Pup Ozzy decided to dress as a victim of
a pit bull attack this year.
After eating the ear of a dog at the Shutzenhund meet, 
                                  Boom felt like Mike Tyson!

Fluffy Britches thinks to herself...."what's more costume, or what lies beneath?"

Chilly Willy goes as his alter ego, John Wayne Gacy, once more.  
Clowns scare the bejeezers out of me!

Luna appears again, this time dressed as Miley Cyrus.  
She is quite the wrecking ball, and enjoys spring pole time!

Aye Carumba it's Chilly Willy Chile con carne! 
He ate one of those really mean Chihuahuas, 
and THIS is what happened!

 Pimpy Do Dah dresses just like his fur mommy's honey!

To get some action, 
Pimpy Do Dah's fur mommy's honey dresses 
                                    like Pimpy Do Dah.

Trinity invokes Donny Darko with this get up.  
Having a set of ears is something new to her.

Luna reappears as the White Swan, 
                           but the Black Swan is in her eyes.
                   She ate the prima ballerina after the first act.

Chilly Willy and Luna wish they could be as lovely as Lions,
or Chows, (who come with their own Lion Costume)
but you need a costume to hide all of that.
The costume tells more about the owner....
he fancies himself as a Lion Tamer.
Get a lion, and insist..."It's all how you raise 'em!"

Pimpy Do Dah appears once more, as the Grim Reaper.
He doesn't need a costume for that.

Creature of the early morning jog,
Creature of the late morning postal worker maul,
Creature of the afternoon adventure while walking the dog,
Creature of the early eve heart attack
While weeding the garden, you'd better watch your back!

Take a weapon with you when you Trick-or-Treat. 
The creature's looking for things to eat!
Trick-or-treaters, do beware!
These days, there are real monsters out there!


  1. Miley Cyrus got some "Pit Bull Awareness"

  2. Some of those costumes are deeply disturbing as they seem to be celebrating the dogs reputation as killers. The pic of the child dressed up like a lion between two large pitbulls costumed the same is even more disgusting. Hopefuly these dogs don't try to wrestle with a fur covered child and get confused as pitbulls SOMEHOW do..

  3. That's really funny! My favorite is your description of the Lady Gaga pit... "organic, free-range postal carriers", lmbo! Nice work.