Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Justice Gator

An alligator emerged from an Orlando lake Monday morning, attacked a pit bull and dragged it back into the water, the dog's owner told state wildlife officials.  (Don't miss the comments, they are a hoot!)

Eric Mantral Glover was walking his 10-month-old pit bull around Deerock Park in west Orlando before the incident, Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation spokesman Greg Workman said.
"He started throwing a stick into the lake for the pit bull to retrieve," Workman said.

Later, an alligator, estimated to be between 8 and 11 feet long, came out of the lake and attacked the dog, pulling it back into the water, Workman said.
Glover was unable to find his pet.

R.I.P. Mr. Pibbles

FWC was called to the scene, and a permit was issued to a trapper, Workman said. As of 3:15 p.m., the trapper has been unsuccessful in capturing the gator and is leaving the scene. The search will resume late tonight or early Tuesday, FWC officials said.
More than 1.3 million alligators are thought to live in Florida, and gator bites are uncommon. Some bites occur because of "accidental collisions" such as swimmers bumping into alligators, according to FWC.
Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation's website notes that dogs and cats are similar to the size of the natural prey of alligators. It suggests that pets should not swim, exercise or drink in waters that might contain gators.
On Aug. 7, 9-year-old James Barney was enjoying a swim in Lake Tohopekaliga when he was bitten by an alligator estimated to be 9 feet long and 500 pounds. The boy suffered superficial bites, as well as 30 teeth marks and scratches. 

Wildlife officials report 12 people were bitten by alligators in Florida last year. Five of those bites were considered minor, seven were major and none was fatal.Actually, more people are bitten and killed by pit bulls every year.  Thank you Justice Gator!

Here at Pit Nutter Circus, we offer treats for Gators, inspired by the Gator Jerky Treats for dogs, available at our gift shop in the sky! Here's toasting to Justice Gator and the concept of shadenfreude,  so many of us would like to build a moat and fill it with some Justice Gators of our own! 

For all of our pit bull owning fans, here's a song for revenge... listen to the song Alligator Eatin' Dog!

More comparisons and news stories involving pit bulls and alligators, click here.


    Love this so very much.
    Pibble treats would be a great idea, and actually turn those monitors into something useful.

  2. Pit owners aren't what I'd consider the brightest bulbs in the closet. But gator bites is a better use for a million excess unwanted pit bulls than their carcasses rotting into the groundwater.

  3. Lol. Nutters make it so easy to have a laugh at their expense.

  4. Another off-leash pit in what I am assuming is a public park. Go Gators!

  5. Sad news.....


  6. They don't have the gator's legs tied, so I assume they killed it. No chance for Save the Gator facebook page. I wish that they were this quick to kill pits when they murder people.

  7. http://www.sun-sentinel.com/news/fl-crocodile-dog-attack-brf-20151128-story.html

  8. Pit bulls are delicious!
    Tasty, yummy treat!
    Pit bulls are so damn yummy!
    Make a warm and happy tummy!
    I have got a sweet tooth because......

    Pit bulls are nutritious!
    Ample meaty cheeks!
    Protein rich, and tasty!
    Not a spec goes to wastey!
    When Justice Gator saves the day!

  9. http://www.fox4now.com/news/local-news/gator-kills-service-dog-but-state-law-prohibits-pet-owner-from-killing-the-gator

  10. https://patch.com/florida/sarasota/crocodile-attacks-florida-dog-0