Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Everything is Beautiful at the Ballet

  It distracts from the large jaws, the reptilian and vacant stare,
makes one forget the news last night. 

If you get enough tulle, you can completely hide the ugly head.

Here is a Shelter that figured out if you put tutus and cute hats on the pit bulls,  and it makes them "cute" enough, people will adopt them. 
Being of the curious sort, I looked into the history of the TUTU and then found it couldn't be a more appropriate thing, besides a muzzle, for a pit bull to wear.

The word 'tutu' has its origins in the theater audience. Those who bought cheaper tickets sat in a section located in the lower part of the theater. This area gave the patrons sitting there a different view than the rest of the audience; they could often see under the ballerinas' skirts and see their bottoms. This led to a lot of talk and eventually, the French slang word for this part of the ballerina,
became 'tutu.

I see your cucu. 

  Here at the Nutter Circus, we feature
Nanny Cobra as
The Sugar Plum Fairy , who does an enchanting dance for her adoring Clara.

Nanny Gator makes a stunning Firebird!

Many people do not realize that besides being serial killers, Bundy and Manson were rivals on stage as the White and Black Swans.

The real reason for this dog fight?  
They are both Prima donnas!

 This pit bull is no Sleeping Beauty
She had to be drug from the stage, literally!

 These two darling pibbles star with El Torro
 in a new production of
Le Sacre Du Printemps.

Coming to a city near you, a hometown production of Medea.

Tutu bad tutus don't seem to make it all better. 


  1. i can't remember the last time i laughed so evilly.

  2. BWAHAHA This is awesome. LOVE the pinch collar on the pibble on its back. SO gentle!
    I am surprised these dogs don't maul people that put them in these ridiculous clothes. Can you imagine Colby seeing this? Putting FIGHTING DOGS in frilly clothes usually worn by little girls?
    AH, now I get it!
    The sweet pibbles took the tutus off little girls because they loved them so much- they didn't mean to rip off the kids legs, and kill the others, they were just so excited to be able to share those pretty little dresses. The owners took pics of the pits in their victims clothes, as a celebration of the girls lives.

    I DO love the one with mauler in a muzzle, if they all were muzzled, I would hate them and their owners less. IDK why they loathe muzzles so much, unless they are just thrilled to have an attack dog, and hope it kills soon..

  3. This is BRILLIANT, BRILLIANT, BRILLIANT! I scrolled with the mood music and WOW - it was an experience! Thank you!!!

  4. Hi!

    I run and hope you take a minute to check it out =)

    Have a nice day.

    1. Thank you for reminding us what WHACK JOBS you pit lovers really are.

  5. Tutu on a pit-like lipstick on a pig.

  6. I wonder when the ballerinas will start to complain about this?