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Monday, November 25, 2013

Sergeant Stubby's Homely Pit Art Show II

Mood Music!

 Sing Along!

It was 90 years ago today,
That a ugly little Stubby Stray,
That a Corporal stole away,
On a Ship that was bound away,
To the WWI bloody fray!
And no matter what the PBAM says...

Stubby is a Boston Terrier, so THERE!

It's Sergeant Stubby's Homely Pit Art Show,
We hope you will enjoy the Show!
It's Sergeant Stubby's Homely Pit Art Show,
Get a brown bag just in case you BLOW!
It's Sergeant Stubby's Homely
Sergeant Stubby's Homely,
Sergeant Stubby's Homely

"No matter how much washing of my history, I'm just an ugly little Boston Terrier mutt" says Sergeant Stubby.

Bow Wow to the Pit Bull or I'll give you a mauling!

Totem of Fragile Masculinity

Still life with pit bull and cigarette butts, soon the kittens will be still life too.

The Concrete's Just for the weight dear....

You touch those berries and you'll be oozing your own juice....

Miss Pibble loves children, this one is almost ripe.

As if pit bulls couldn't be ugly enough.

A pit bull guards a Fire Breathing T-Rex. 

Pit bulls with wings SOMEHOW don't get out as often, as I've never seen one. Have you?

Behold, it's the DUMP TRUCK DOG!

Oh yes, a wall of Gangsta Graffiti makes the Neighborhood more lovely!  This  hideous mural is in support of keeping a dog named WICCA, in Montreal, alive.  She is reported to have bitten two people.  The judge said, NO!  She has since taken a trip over the Rainbow Bridge. 


  1. over the asbestos bridge actually meals .lol

  2. what on earth is that totem thing?

    i think that still life is a boxer.

  3. I think you may be right, a Boxer, or an American Bu Aog. It's so ugly, it must be an American Bulldog.

    As for the totem, I have not idea but what does it kind of look like to you?

  4. i love pibble art .

  5. the totem is a penis and the pit bull on top makes it look bigger... Just like in real life.

  6. The graffiti art isn't even real. here....go make one for yourself

    It's pretty bad when you can't even fill a site with facts to support your cause. To any intelligent person, it just makes you look ridiculous.

    I won't even go into your clear lack of culture, appreciation for the service of a dog (who probably has done more in life than you), your blatant thievery of other people's images (It takes an awesome hypocrite to steal other people stuff, but put down an animal. Pretty tough huh?)

  7. Thank you very much for the info, it takes real culture and skill to create graffiti.