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Friday, November 29, 2013

Don't Gobble Gobble and don't get Gobbled

Here is a collection of photos to copy and post on your fridge.  These disturbing images are sure to take away even a truck driver's appetite, or even Oprah's or Paula Deen's, by the power of sheer revulsion.   You may appear on Dr. Oz! 

Happy Thanksgiving, and be thankful for every day that passes that you or those you love, 
are not gobbled by pit bulls.  Bad puns are fun.

I'm thankful you didn't make a hat out of cranberry sauce., Oh so you did.....poor kitty!  

No.  You can have the onion and garlic, and here, have some sugar free gum, your breath is terrible.  (Kidding!)

Killer turkey and sweet potato pie.  I'll never touch the stuff ever again.

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