Monday, January 7, 2013

The Amazing Shapeshifters

Witness how, with the mere stroke of a pen or because the "say so" of an "expert", 
a pit bull can POOF 
become a Lab mix, a Shepherd, a.......

"Australian Cattle Dog/Lab Mix
"How to make the number of "Pit Bull Attacks" go down like magic!
Adopt  Tilly Tangerine, the amazing Shapeshifter!


  1. tracking their mislabeled mutants is a full time job. i have been hoping that someone would take it on.

  2. This could be the official mislabeled mutants page. Any stories, links to rescued shape shifters, send them here, and we can have a resident shapeshifter zoo.

  3. All the pits here are labeled "Lab mix" or, if it has spots, "Pointer mix". I haven't seen a single pointer outside of a dog show, yet there are a ton of them in shelters. Yeah right.
    Amazingly, all the dogs have those weird backward ears and huge jaws.

  4. 'We can have a resident Shapeshifter Zoo'. Oh do LETS. :D Plenty out there...