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Pit Bulls, and Alligators and Drugs, OH MY!

Those daredevils of the world,  it would be enough if only they could only put themselves at risk.  I see little daredevils daily doing amazing things on their skateboards.  For most, this is the sort of sufficient thrill, nothing more audacious to be entertained...that they could jump out of planes, take up the tight-rope, scale Everest, or attempt a jump over a canyon with a motorcycle, like Evel Knievel.  There are just the sort however, that something isn't fun unless it is death defying.  I'm sure there would be no circus if this were the case!

For some people,  a mere pit bull isn't enough.  They need a Cane Corso, Dogo Argentino, Fila Brasileiro, or a Wolf.  For people that this won't do, they get a wild animal, and as far as I know in most places,they need a special permit to do this.  We sigh,  good thing T-Rex is extinct.  I always wonder why Animal Planet doesn't do an episode of Fatal Attractions featuring  pit bull owners. In this program, they explore the psychology of people who are attracted to keeping dangerous animals as pets.  Then again, Pit Bulls and Parolees is just that....watching a woman with a fatal attraction to all things deviant and dangerous.

The producers have a warning.....

"So, you want a perilous pet with the power to kill? If you're like most people, chances are you don't. Yet, thousands of animal lovers in the United States make the decision to purchase pet tigers, chimpanzees, crocodiles and other dangerous animals each and every year. There are countless reasons to not even consider owning one of these wild animals. Choose a "pet" below and find out why exotic pet ownership is anything but a good idea. Animal Planet in no way endorses owning a pet bison, chimp, crocodile, python or tiger."

So expect more of pit bulls, alligators (bison, tigers, monitor lizards, chimps, amd bears oh my!) and drugs, as the new millennium's peanut butter-and jelly.  Every pit bull advocate adores them and quotes them, and are inspired by them.  Then contemplate the fact how reputable must the source  be that also airs two shows that feature pit bulls; Pit Bulls and Parolees, and Pit Boss....and also airs a program about Big Foot and Hillbilly Handfishing.  This is why I no longer watch T.V. and find it more fun to hide in the bushes, and do a bit of arm-chair anthropological study of the nutter tribe on social media. It's kind of like good old fashioned National Geographic before they also went the way of Animal Planet.

This is
fun, check this out! Be sure to take the "So you want a pet crocodile", overviewed here since it is the animal that most closely resembles an alligator.

Fatal Attractions Quizzes

 Here are some facts about Crocodiles, 
let's compare them to pit bulls!

1. The factoid says that crocodiles were worshiped in Ancient Egypt.  

We see evidence of pit bull worship in contemporary U.S.A., likely elsewhere, there is even a church called Process Church of the Final Judgement  where they are devoutly worshiped because they are the cash cow.  There is also Set Free Soldiers, who are "not into poodles or none of that stuff",

"Pit bulls. It's a lifestyle" sayeth Tyson Kilmer. 

"Daddy was my Buddha and my *Ghouda."

My favorite scripture from the Dog Whisper(er).

*  a kind of cheese


A crocodile's aggressive tendencies can not be reduced or controlled.

Seems to be the case with pit bulls. They were bred for aggressive tendencies through
 selective breeding.

2.  A crocodile's temperament is both deceptive and hostile.

 Pit bulls have been known to be deceptive, but when they are "hostile", 
it's fun for them.

3. Over the past hundred years, there have only been a handful of attacks (by crocodiles) 

on humans. The Journal of Wilderness and Environmental Medicine published in 2005,
 that there have been an estimated 376 crocodile attacks from 1945- 2004, 
an average of  5-7 annually.

In the period 1984-2011 in the U. S. A. and Canada, there have been
 2,394 serious attacks by pit bulls. (It said attack, not fatalities, 245 of these were deaths).

4. Crocodiles do not only attack when the are hungry, 

but also for protecting their young or territory.... 

Same with pit bulls, but add that pit bulls do it for the joy of it, not survival. 

5. If a crocodile attacks you, you won't see it coming....

Same with pit bulls, and this may be their owner who will not see it coming.

5. Since crocodiles have such short legs, it's easy to wrestle one...

 Pit Bulls weighing less than 65 pounds have killed full grown, 
adult men in their prime of life.

6. It takes practically no time for a crocodile to attack from the water...

 Once upon a time, there was a pit bull named Puddles....

7. Crocodiles swim faster than people....

 Pit bulls can run faster, and kill or maim like a crocodile. They have caused wounds
 the likes of which are usually only found on the battle field, often compared to 
shark attacks.  The severity of the wounds caused have actually promoted new procedures.  

Yet, beautiful alligators, who have been on this planet long before there were such things
 as humans, dogs, or even mammals,  are being persecuted wrongly for the actions of
 blatant negligence of pit bull owners, who obviously were allowing their pit bulls off
leash. This is blatant speciesism

Fish and Game will come to avenge the deaths of dogs by wildlife, but alas, if a pit bull comes after your pets or livestock, their domesticated animal enforcement equal,  will likely give no consequences to the dangerous dog, their owner, and in fact may give them two more chances to do it again. The Animal Control Genie usually grants three blood
lettings for Pibbles.  I think that Southern Florida sounds like a great place, where there
is a pit bull ban in Maimi-Dade County (thanks to the overwhelming public support of the continuance of this ordinance)....and if there are loose pit bulls, the alligators may
 end up doing the great task of keeping the place free of errant pit bulls....OH MY!

Tiger the  Pit Bull is attacked by an alligator. His owner says there should be more warnings about alligators.  I say we need as many warnings about errant pit bulls.

One hundred pound pit bull, killed by alligator.  Usually, pit bull advocates insist that pit bulls are not that big, so this dog must have been another breed. This owner now knows how it feels to have your dog killed, and there is no one responsible for the death of his dog.  The owner thinks there should be a fence to keep the alligators at bay.  It may help with errant pit bulls too.

When you need to upgrade to an alligator to protect your stash...

Pit Bulls engage in breed-specific natural selection for dinner. Turns out, pit bulls are tastier than Golden Retrievers. It's the cheek meat, best part.  This is why fish is often  served with its head. 

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