Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Don't be bringing your pibbles with giblets around this here Grannie!

It's weird enough to be a true story, but it's just the funnies! Had this been a true case, Grannie would have been actually be compliant with the mandatory spay and neuter policy for pit bulls in MADISON, West Virginia –

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Witnesses told police this week that they pleaded with Boone county resident, Audrey Ranch, 62, to stop hurting her son’s pit bull, but she refused.
“Eventually she bit Pedro’s acorns clean off right there in the front yard,” a witness said. “Pedro hightailed it screeching like a wild Indian and when I tried to subdue Audrey, she knocked me out with an old tricycle.”

Realizing the police had been called and knowing she had time to hide (it is a 45 minute drive to her house), Mrs. Ranch cut off a length of garden hose, dug a hole and had her son help bury her. She used the garden hose as a breathing apparatus.

Officers from the Boone County Sheriff’s Office arrived, unburied Ranch and arrested her without incident.

Ranch explained her actions to police: “My son ate all the meat and I had warned him if he ate all the meat, I’d eat his dog.”

The dog underwent emergency surgery and is expected to make a full recovery. Ranch is facing charges of aggravated animal cruelty.

From Satire News site,


  1. Nutters are so gullible, it won't surprise me if this goes viral among them and they open a "Justice for Pedro" page and petition.

  2. im just surprised this isnt happening for real every coupla days or so .

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