Monday, January 6, 2014

How Much Is That Doggy In The Window?

The SPCA in San Francisco has been setting up charming displays of puppies and kittens available for adoption in the windows of Macy's Department store, to much success. 

"Thank you for the most successful Holiday Windows ever! We placed adoptable cats and dogs in the windows at Macy’s Union Square from November 16 through the holidays until January 5th. Our temporary adoption center on the first floor of Macy's was busy indeed – 342 animals found loving homes and we raised almost $80,000!" 

Some of the puppies that went to new homes may or may not have been gamebred pit bulls.   You just never know.  Macy's will not be selling recalled products such as this child car seat,  it was recalled, although there have not been any fatalities attributed to its faulty construction.  Both Macy's and the SF SPCA care about such things as letting dangerous merchandise going home with their consumers. 

OK, good media coverage and and half a million raised, maybe not so much!

Dogs considered to have an actuarial risk of 3,000% are considered to be adoptable pets? Dogs with unknown bloodlines, purposely bred for the illegal and cruel of dogfighting....pets?  Dogs that are the leading canine killers of hum
ans and other animals, are considered to be adoptable pets?  Dogs that have their own breed specific guide to handling in shelters, are considered to be adoptable pets....and their name's on the book!

No background checks.  I wonder if each puppy came with a "panic button" and a book of instructions? 

So, just how much is that doggy in the window?

Are you willing to be lumped and stereotyped, as your dog will be (he won't care) that these are the dogs of deviants, criminals, dog fighters and other anti-social types?  That's part of the price you will pay for that little doggy in the window. 

You will gain access to a well organized tribe of people who go out to "advocate" about these dogs.  People will still cross the street, may not chose to visit you any longer due to fear.  You may have to find a new apartment, and it may be difficult to find a landlord that will permit one on their property.  You may lose your home owner's insurance.  You will be warned by people who likely know from personal experience or that of someone dear, that "those dogs are dangerous and should be banned".  Your feelings of altruism will expand to feelings of being ostracized.  You will likely need tattoos, a wardrobe of pit bull t-shirts, and a big chip on your shoulder to cope.  Not to worry, you can join the Church of promoting pit bulls as family pets.  Be forewarned...should your pit bull attack, you will be thrown to the curb and be blamed. It's the price you have to pay for that cute doggy in the window. 

 That cute little pit bull puppy will grow up.  You need to be responsible and understand that it was bred to be aggressive to other animals.  Know that it is a regular Houdini, and has a high likely hood of escaping or attacking another animal.  A fence from which a pit bull can not escape costs lots and lots of money.   Even pit bulls on leashes sometimes attack, and kill.  Are you going to be able to stomach the carnage?  Will you be able to cope with yourself if your dog killed, say some little girl's pony she got as a gift for Christmas, and named Princess?  It's the price you have to pay for that cute doggy in the window. 

Are you a  risk taker?  The pit bull is the official mascot of needless risk takers world wide!   You will be assured with by your fellow pit bull owners that pit bulls are the MOST loving, MOST loyal doggie of all those other doggy types.  They won't forewarn you, that your pit bull is more likely to attack YOU, FUR MOM or FUR DAD! Your pit bull may love you so much, that he will try to eat you.  A pit bull may cost you an arm and a leg, or a cheek or a scalp.... that's the price you pay for the doggy in the window.

Of course, it may not be YOURSELF that becomes the target of your doggy's innate talents.  It may be your neighbor.  It may be your own child.  
Karen Delise of the NCRC may call you, and inquire what you did wrong,  or maybe she will curry favor with you and both of you can figure out if it was indeed a pit bull or not after all.

You may loose everything in a wrongful death suit. You may have to pay for medical bills, or funeral expenses.   You likely need some counseling to deal with something called "guilt".  
Or maybe you won't.  

It's the price you pay for that doggy in the window.

You will likely get 15 minutes of "fame". If you are lucky, no charges will be filed.  If you are not so lucky, you may have your mugshot printed in the local paper. 

 How much was that doggy in the window, again?

The ultimate price you can pay for that doggy in the window, will be with your own life.


  1. The price is frequently not paid by the pit bull owner, sad to say. The victim frequently foots the bill in addition to suffering the life changing/life ending consequences of poor decision making. In the case of the Macy's puppies, some deep pockets there. Whoever made the decision to allow this use of space in Macy's windows may find himself filing for unemployment.

  2. pit bull gimmicks. can these desperate nutters stoop any lower? next year, maybe BOA can give one a way with each new checking account opened. or les schwab can give away mutants instead of beef.