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Thursday, April 18, 2013

Ye Olde Smoke Shoppe

We have long observed a strange connection between smoking and pit bulls, be it tobacco or a more notorious herb.  Two of the three famous LIFE covers, featured illustrations of smoking pit bulls.  The other of a bandaged pit bull.....

 Here is an older image of a smoking pit bull....

 More Smoking Dawgs!
Some student didn't do his Algebra.....

Pit Bulls and Ganja go together like Peanut Butter and Jelly....

Pibbles guardin' the Ganja garden.....

Icons of Hip Hop Lifestyle, remember this is positive!

We have Pit Bull Pipes!  No, not available in Chihuahua, even though those dawgs are BAD ASS!


 We have lighters, available in PIT BULL,
 but not in much more aggressive
Cocker Spaniel or Daschund styles.

 "Pit Bulls:  It's a Life Style".  Tyson Kilmer

We noticed.....

If only pit bulls could come with surgeon general warnings, like tobacco products do.

If only it was outlawed like Marijauna. 

Pit bulls, Just say NO!


  1. Great one, Meals! Very funny--especially the lighters not coming in the "more aggressive Cocker or Dachshund styles."

  2. My favorites are the "Icons of Hip Hop lifestyle" (stippers! booze! cocaine! guns!) and "Got Weed, I Do" with the mountain of pot in the living room. lol lol

  3. Tobacco and beer are the recreational drugs of choice with cannabis a distant third amongst the pros. I'm guessing that may not be the case with the nutters.

  4. Hahaha, and the 'science' the nutters are constantly presenting is copycat from the 'science' the tobacco lobby used. Hey, there's no connection between smoking and lung cancer. Just because 95% of lung cancer patients smoke doesn't mean cigs are the cause. No one has yet scientifically proven that smoking causes lung cancer.

    Hey, there's no connection between being a pit bull and loving to kill anything that breathes. Just because 86% of all disfiguring and fatal attacks are done by pit bull type dogs doesn't mean there's any connection between being a pit bull and killing frenzy. No one has yet scientifically proven that pit bulls kill more than all other dogs combined.

    In both cases, repeat endlessly (while bribing legislators under the table).

  5. It's illegal in the State of California to smoke in a car with a child present.

  6. Allowing any child to share any physical space with a pit bull type dog should be felony child endangerment, depraved indifference, and culpable negligence. And I do mean whether or not it's your own pit bull or one at your child's friend's home.

  7. Do you have pit pipes or do you just blog. I'm trying to get a custom one of my two pits