Monday, February 25, 2013

The Peep Show

What is  up with the pairing of erotic art and pit bulls?

Usually featuring some kind of tattoos as well.....

Check out the placement of the tail light......


  1. They definitely have some kind of sexual fetish with the pit bulls.

    1. Note how insulted the one commenter is here that some people posted links to real pit bull kisses.

  2. At first I thought that these images had to be manipulated for satirical effect, because the pictures literally hurt my eyes.

    Grotesque. Truly.

    They are interesting, in a spooky sort of way.

  3. The last thing is truly grotesque. It's a sexualized man/woman/dog. How perverse.

  4. SHITBULLS used to glamorize smoking and doping . dope is for dopes ....and so are pitbulls .

  5. Just think how many bugs the motorcycle dog-lady must pick up in her bulldog teeth. She is laying there due to excessive insect intake. Classic symptoms, absolutely diagnostic. Muzzle use is recommended, but rejected by outlaw riders.

  6. The erotic component of nutterdom is troubling, but not surprising. The types of women (and sometimes men) who swoon over unstable, violence prone *ssholes in human form can't help but admire these same qualities in their beloved mutants. And they defend the "honour" of both human and non-human psychos with equal passion... whoever compared rescue angels to hybristophiles got it exactly right.