Monday, August 20, 2018

Daily Hoot


  1. My Pit Bull is a great driver actually and never drinks while driving ;). "Pit Bull" is a group of dog breeds and makes up 40% of USA Dog Population. They were originally bred to be used for dog fighting and to be extremely loyal to their owner. The majority of Pit Bull type dog attacks is when they are protecting their owner. A lot of Pit Bull type attacks are actually Pit Bull mixes, or dogs that resemble Pit Bull features but may not have any Pit Bull in them at all. In Canada, the Husky has more bites then any other dog breed but not because they're aggressive, because they're the most common dog breed in that country. If the USA had 2 Labrador Retrievers and 5,000 Pit Bull type dogs, what breed would be more likely to have a bite history? The Pit Bull would, but not because they're aggressive, but because they greatly outnumber the Labs.

    1. Congrats you just hit PIT NUTTER BINGO!

      You have no idea what you're talking about. People can easily tell what dogs are pits And pit mixes. An ASPCA study showed they correctly ID pits 96% of the time. And a high court has even stated a person of ordinary intelligence can ID a pit.

      But I guess you're super ignorant, so "ordinary intelligence" doesn't include YOU!! That's why you're so confused!

      Your neighbors are at risk from your lack of breed knowledge.
      Please go to and learn about the breed you pretend to love. Yes, it's a pit lovers page. They can show you how to properly manage your dog so others aren't at risk.

      Of course YOU WILL BE, as 54% of fatal attacks are on the owners... You don't have to believe me. Just go look at the list if fatalities- it includes pics! Or set a Google alert for "dog attack" and see what comes up...