Sunday, April 6, 2014

Send in the Clowns

A reporter can't seem to launch an interview with the owner of a pit bull that had attacked a young girl.    This is why we must REGULATE WHAT KIND OF PEOPLE CAN OWN PIT BULLS!!!

Little Girl Taken To Hospital With Serious Injuries Following Dog Attack In North Spokane

Apr 4, 2014 12:15 a.m.
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SPOKANE, Wash. - SCRAPS and the Spokane Police Department are investigating a dog attack that happened in north Spokane Thursday afternoon near Bridgeport and Napa.
Police say two dogs were running around the neighborhood and one began attacking a little girl. A couple of people saw what was happening and tried to get the dog off of the little girl, and were eventually able to, but not before the dog bit two other people. The little girl and one other person were taken to the hospital for treatment. Police say the little girl is somewhere between the age of 6 and 8 years old and she has serious injuries all over her upper body.
SCRAPS came and took both dogs into their custody. Both SCRAPS and Spokane Police said the dogs were pit bulls.
Police say there could be charges for the owners.



  2. And then nutters get all upset that we want to defend ourselves against loose pit bulls! They get mad when cops shoot them. I think they ought to promote BSL, just to stop the killing of their beloved murders. I promise that more people will arm themselves because of the increasing attacks, and will stop hesitating she they see a loose gripper. I can think of a handful, including myself, that were never armed with anything, but are now taking walks with an array of weapons- large caliber handguns, serious knives, bear spray, etc. As if we need more of these things on the street! BUt pit bull people just could to care less.

    I say- WHY WAIT for a tragedy? Especially if they are frequently loose, it is NOT going to get better. But it can get worse, so much worse. The first attack can kill, so being on the offensive is smart.

  3. i feel so sorry for this reporter.